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Lightning Strikes Chicago Police Station 23rd District - June 30, 2011

Sorry about the language y'all. I got stuck in this storm (out of the blue) at Millennium Park during the Diogo Nogueira concert and ran for the train. It was bad from the get go but I got home quickly and witnessed three similar lighting strikes. Here is the fourth. Today has been an awesome day. June 30, 2011....I like you.


I'm freaking excited

I'm in the midst of tennis playoffs right now and having a blast. While I'm sad to see the season go...I'm proud of my year. I finished 13-2 and worked my way from the bottom of the B2 division to the 10th seed of the B1 division. I'm now in the quarterfinals and will play the #2 seed on Monday. I have my work cut out for me...but want to make it to the finals more than anything right now and will FIGHT as hard as I possible can.

Click the bracket to see it more clearly...i'm the third one from the bottom.

Stay tuned.


Las Bibias from Viscaya

I know this is in portuguese and almost all my viewers don't speak the language. I'm still posting it as even if you don't understand a single word...this is STILL hilarious. It's voicedover clearly....but with gay slang. It's genius.