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The Time of my Life

Just a quick post to let you know we're having the time of our lives! We have seen so many things and still have a lot to see. We opted to take naps this afternoon instead of making a trip to Old San Juan. We'll hit that part of the city tomorrow. Tonight? I think we're going to grab a nice dinner and then maybe the casino? Only time will tell. I AM MOVING HERE!!!!


Serena Quicksell

"Oh Please, I can beat her with my left hand", taunted Ms. Quicksell in reference to the prettiest girl on the WTA tour, Stephanie Cole. That was all it took. 20 minutes later, two hours of court time had been reserved and the trash talk began. One of these girls was in for quite a disappointment.

"Ms. Quicksell talked the talk which only provoked me to dish it back, it's not in my nature," stated Ms. Cole when asked about Ms. Quicksell's comments. "I try not to let other girls on the tour get in my head but this time i was not successful. I knew I had what it took to beat her but suddenly I felt extra pressure, like we were playing in a grandslam."

Cole took the first set 6-3 and was off to a dominating start when the momentum took a huge shift into Quicksell's direction. It was obvious that Quicksell was not giving up without a fight. She came back to win the 2nd set 7-5. With time running out and the girls tied at 2-2 in the third set, the court officials opted to move into a tie-breaker which the girls mutually agreed upon. The momentum shifted entirely into Cole's favor as she pummeled the Quicksell sister 7-0 in the tie breaker.

A definite nail-biter for those who tuned in. We'll be looking forward to the next time these two meet which looks to be in mid to late January for the Australian Open.


Typical Situation

I only expect one person to watch this all the way through. It was something I've had on tape since this summer and it was time I shared it. I miss you Dave!


Awesome Tennis Point

Not feeling so hot today. I was just browsing youtube and this clip made me incredibly happy. So I thought I would share it will anyone willing to watch it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Mean kitty has a name

So it's official. Mean kitty or "kitty" as most of you have known him is now Winston. I am posting a video below to show you a little of his personality. No, I did not set him up on my shoulder. It's his favorite spot. He typically jumps up there unexpectedly and yes, it hurts. But if you put him back on the ground he'll jump back up so i'm learning to just let him sit there while I work or do things around the house. He even stays up there while I'm walking around the house. It's cute...but can't last for long. I'm sure he'll soon be as marge as Riley.


Feliz Navidad


My true love...

I'm not a believer in love at first sight. Lust sure, but not love. The closest I've come is with the one and only, Norma Jeane. Tammy introduced the two of us and I'll be honest, I had very low expectations. She stole my heart upon introduction. She put me to sleep before my head hit the pillow and I felt like a new man when I awoke. She's always there when I need her and I'm an independent man without her. Thank you Norma, for all you've done for me. I look forward to our next rendezvous.


An addition to the family.

There is a new addition to the Cole family. Unfortunately for my father, it is not a newborn son that will keep the Cole family name alive. It is a cute little orange kitten that was adopted to keep Riley company while I'm traveling for work. He is 6 weeks old and the cutest little guy in the world! So I need your help. I'm currently calling him noname and i'm thinking we can come up with something much more suitable. He's got an interesting personality thus far. He loves to sleep (usually on my neck), has bouts of spastic behavior, is un-effected by Riley's constant hissing and growling, and loves to climb up my pants and shirt to get to my neck where he likes to reside. It's pretty damn cute as he's so small. But when he gets much bigger my neck is NOT the place i'll want him hanging out.

So please leave comments with your favorite male name. His brother is Riley.


Thanks for you help!

I'm thankful...

That was then...

There was one Thanksgiving in college where I nearly lost my life...and ever since I have stated on thanksgiving day that I am thankful to be alive. I AM thankful to be alive...but I am also very thankful for my family. I hear so many people talk poorly about their families. I don't think I talk about my family enough. Yes, it wasn't the perfect family but I'm not sure there is such a thing. But they are definitely a loving family who will ALWAYS be there for me. And for that, I am greatful. I had such a good time with my family this Thanksgiving and I look forward to all of the holidays to come. The picture below is from this past week. Unfortunately, my sister Sharron wasn't able to make it so I photo-shopped a 10-year old picture of her into the photo. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

And this is now...


From 30k Feet

Hello from 30k feet. I'm on board a United flight in route from DEN to ORD. Had I kept my original flight I'd be boarding right now and getting to my front door near 11:30pm. I wasn't feeling the late arrival so I took a chance at standby and got on a flight about an hour after arriving at the Denver airport. I had a good time in Colorado. I had a very productive day in the office on Friday, a good event on Saturday night and a fantastic brunch with Rich, Brian and their roommate Shane this morning. I was also able to get my MacBook Pro back in working order after the "incident" on my flight to Germany so it was a darn good weekend. Now I'm just ready to be home. I know Riley will be excited too. I get sad every time I leave town. He's SUCH A LOVER and I know he's got to be so lonely when I'm away. I tried to kidnap Rufus while in Denver but was not successful. Maybe next time! I'm actually thinking about getting Riley a friend as my travel isn't going to slow up much. If anything it'll increase. I'm just giving it some extra thought to make sure it's the right choice.


Tis the Season

It's kinda crazy how quickly this year is moving by. There has been so much change in my life, yet so much has remained the same. For the first time in many many years, I'm looking forward to the winter season. I know I'll take these words back come mid February, but for now, it's the way I feel. And I'm kinda liking it.

My apologies for those few who of you who actually log on here to see what's going on in my life for not posting more. I've been in a bit of a funk lately and while I've had some really good ideas to write about....when the time comes to sit down and write them, i've been unmotivated. I was hoping my Germany trip would help defunktify me but unfortunately it was only a quick escape. I know Aaron is reading too much into this entry right now. I'm not depressed pineapple...i'm just forcing myself to write something. Hopefully the next entry will come more naturally.

Here is to the holiday season and hopefully an exciting winter season.


The Never Ending Flight

Minerva Bucks

SERIOUSLY. We are two unhappy campers right now. Jordan and I got up early this morning to go have one last coffee together while in Germany. We are attached to a huge mall that was open and FULL of people 24 hours a day. Yes, we were dancing amongst 100's of German's at 3am in a shopping mall 2 nights ago. As we approached the bucks....we realized it was not going to be a good morning. They don't open until 1130am. MINERVA BUCKS! We were screwed...so Jordan suggested McDonald's (there were NO other options) I was not having it....but eventually, I gave in and we were both unsatisfied. We still are. Jordan at least was able to sit. I wasn't as lucky.

I was also going to purchase a new winter coat this morning. I fell in love with it on day 1 and wanted "to wait for it". Minerva

and now to the port.

We walked to the elevator, turned around and walked back into the room so I could sit. But just a little.



What a day! It was by far my favorite day in Germany as Jordan and I took to the road and drove to some random city I can’t even try to remember the name of, and then to Munich. And when I say drove….we FLEW. The autoban is fabulous. For the most part, there is NO SPEED LIMIT. (except for in those few places where you’d kill yourself if you didn’t slow down…they are kind enough to post a limit in those designated areas.) Not sure how fast we really went yet as everything is in Kilometers but we topped out at 170kph. Frankfurt wasn’t really what I was expecting Germany to be. Today fixed all of that. IT IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY! We drove through a lot of the small country villages. Thanks to Jordan we now have enough pictures of countryside hills, farm machinery, cattle and country folk on bikes and mopeds to make a year long banking calendar.

The most exciting and terrifying moment of the day was when we were about to leave a desolate gas station in a small town. As we were getting ready to pull away a Volkswagen Passat pulled in front of us and two older men got out of their cars and were quickly moving our way. I immediately warned Jordan by saying quickly “lock the doors”. As we fumbled to try to find the locks we noticed these two men that were quickly approaching our vehicles appeared to be undercover cops. Keep in mind…HUGE LAUNGAGE BARRIER. My cop wanted to see my passport and an explanations of where we were going (all I could tell him was some castles and then to munich. Jordan was didn’t get that far as I think Jordan just kept saying he wanted to see the law enforcements credentials. Expect more to come on this little episode. I got the video camera out and talked about what happened as they were driving away. It was scary as hell….but not that it has passed….we’re glad it happened. A fun experience.

Ok, I took a norma jean an am about to pass out while writing this. I’m going to post it without re-reading it so for those of you who may be reading this rough unedited draft…bless your hearts. Please come back to see the video.

If i did not say it earlier...MUNICH IS MY FAVORITE CITY IN THE WORLD!!!! OMG. I want to come back again and again. BEAUTIFUL!

For now….Good Night.


Zu einem guten Tag & Charles

That’s Charles. He looks surprisingly unhappy in this picture. We met Charles while trying to read and take pictures of an all-German menu at a German-style restaurant. His first words were “you are taking pictures, you are not a spy for George Bush are you?” We then listened to Charles talk about his life long story for about 30 minutes as we stood their STARVING. Jordan and I had not reached the point in our discussion where we had decided (or not) to eat at this restaurant as Charles interrupted us, and we hadn’t a clue what was on the menu. So when we finally reached a break in Charles speech, we took the opportunity to let him know we were eating at his establishment and made our way through the door.

Fortunately Charles had already informed the waiter of our lack of German and the waiter arrived with English menu’s. THANK GOD! (Jordan is working my snach right now as he’s being my live spell/grammer checker as I type this….i just want him to brush his teeth so we can leave.) We learned what pickle and peanuts were in German and were quite thankful as we were able to avoid them when placing our order. The food was fantastic (I may have eaten spam) and we had a great time. I think my favorite part of the meal was watching Jordan ask for the check in German. (Yes we had our German quick-phrase book with us at the table.)

We left lunch, had a great time shopping at the fantastic mall attached to our hotel drove down to our favorite area of the city to do more shopping and sightsee and then spent about an hour just driving randomly around the city. Driving here is fun…there are some things that are very weird but we’re getting used to it.


A Very Brady Anniversary

So I am a little late on this posting as I was busy this past weekend making the Elaine video, celebrating Halloween with my bestest of friends and then attending a world wide boxing tournament with James. It was REALLY COOL as i'd never seen live boxing but in addition, James got us seats on the floor directly below the rings. We were inches away from the sweat landing on us. MOOOAH YEAH!!! Thank you James, Ian and the Brady kids for an anniversary I will never forget!

I have to admit, it's hard to believe that this past Friday was ONLY my 4 year anniversary of living in the great city of Chicago. I feel like I have been living here for 10 years. I have been so fortunate in my adventure to this city. I was blessed with meeting some amazing people upon my arrival whom have turned into lifelong friends. And the crazy thing is...I keep meeting more and more of these special people.

So here is to my fifth year in this wonderful city. I hope it is as amazing as the last four!


Dark Hair

For those of you who have only known me for the Chicago years....it may be a shocker for you to see me with dark hair. There is a little gray (grey if you're reading this from the U.K.) but nothing like I have now. Kinda weird to see eh? And it's good to see that I was just as crazy 7 years ago as I am now....actually I may have been a bit worse back then. Hope you enjoy.


Life is Good.

Just a quick post to let you all know that life is good. I hope to get back into the swing of blogging very soon. I just got a new laptop so I've been busy transferring everything over and getting things set up. It's kinda crazy how much work a new toy can be. I don't have all the applications I grew accustomed to...so stay tuned. When they finally arrive I have some cool things planned. Also the cold air is about to arrive which means much more time indoors and in front of the computer.

Much love.


Who Can We Blame This Year?

It only makes sense that the post after "The Chicago Cubs Make the Playoffs" is a post about how the Cubs YET AGAIN didn't make the World Series. Who are we to blame this year? No Steve Bartman? It seems we've always got an excuse to why we fell apart or there's mention of "the curse". It's pretty simple this year. There was no offense. In the pathetic three games the cubs played in the post season, there was only one inning I actually felt a spark in the cubs. ONE INNING. They were dead. Not once did I feel the team thought they could do it, in fact...i'm not sure they even wanted it.

So yet another year goes by for the Cubs and no World Series. It's been 99 years since their last win. Is 100 the big year? God Damnit I want to believe. I'm just not sure my heart can handle another let down. This is the first year in over 20 that I let myself not get excited on opening day. I lasted through June but they cubs proved worthy after the All-Star break. They WERE hot. But they didn't stay that way. They certainly didn't deserve a trip to the World Series with the way the played this post season. Nor did the Phillies. So now who do I route for? I could give a shit, quite honestly. I guess I'd like to see the Rockies go all the way as it's really amazing how HOT they are right now. I was always a Boston fan but I just don't have the love for that team like I used to. Are they the new Yankee's?

So whatever happens will happen. I'm not devoting any of my time to post season baseball. I'll most likely watch the series but as far as I am concerned. The 2007 season has already ened.


Cubs Win Central Division!!!

So it's been a crazy week for me, which might have actually been a good thing as I was too busy to know what was going on with the Chicago Cubs. I know, I know. How can you be too busy to keep an eye on the Cubs score? I’ll explain as it was actually kind of cool how everything turned out. I just accepted a new job and flew to L.A. for less than 24 hours. When I arrived at LAX I had about 40 minutes of downtime while I waiting for Rich's flight to arrive. I knew the Cubbies were playing so I went to a bar to try and find the game. They were not playing the game and when I asked them to turn the game on (all TV's were on Entertainment Tonight) they told me they didn't have time to look for the game. I was annoyed but found a small TV in a hallway that was playing the game. The cubs were losing. I kept track in the progress of the game on my phone and they lost...again. It was probably for the best that I wasn't able to watch the last few games, as they cubs were NOT showing me that they were going to secure their playoff spot. I am not sure I could have handled watching the games. THANK GOD Milwaukee was sucking just as badly.

When I arrived back in Chicago I had little time to prepare for my Basil Hayden event before heading out. The Cubs game started just as I started my event. On my drive home I could tell that the cubs had won but I had no idea they secured their spot in the playoffs until I reached Addison and Clark. I looked up at the marquee and to my surprise it read "Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs, 2007 Central Division Champions." It made sense why the streets were so alive and why there were so many cops in the neighborhood. I was so happy. As I sat there dreaming of what is to come in the weeks ahead US Country 99.5 was playing on my radio. I was sitting at the corner of Addison and Clark with my doors out of my jeep, the top down, when the song "Go Cubs Go" came on the radio. Apparently my radio was up really loud as everyone on the streets around me started singing to my radio. It was so awesome. I kept my cool as I drove away and that's why the tears began to fall.

These tears were much different than the tears that fell in October of 2003. These were tears of joy and excitement. Tears of hope that the Cubs will actually win the World Series this year. I say it every year..."I believe". This year I did not. I tried so hard not to believe. Not to get caught up in another roller coaster ride only to be let down. It's impossible. I'm a die-hard cub fan and can't help but love them!!! I made it through June "not believing". And these past 3 months have been SO STRESSFUL. C'mon cubbies!!! Please let me see a world series win! I believe. And I want it so bad! We all do and we'll be routing you on game after game!!!


From 30,000 Feet.

Hello from united flight 945. I am about two hours into my trip from chicago to lax and I am bored. Typically being stuck in one spot for four hours and having my laptop with no internet means I can get a lot of things done and really organized. But thus far, I am not really feeling it. I felt people magazine, I felt the coco-cola classic I just downed, and I feel the jackass behind me who keeps digging his knees into the back of my chair.

I just don't feel like busting out the ibook. So before I begin to read the book I brought along with me I thought I'd write a quick blog.

I am curious as to everyones thoughts on "the escalator". I was walking through o'hare this morning and my blood pressure rose nearly everytime I approached an escalator. Perhaps its just me and if this is the case please tell me I am wrong but isn't the point of an escalator to help escalate you up the stairs? I wish I could look the word up right now to get the actual definition but to me escalate means to move more quickly. Often times I choose the staircase next to the escalator when I travel as it seems to be the easiest and quickest means of getting from one floor to the next. I get so annoyed by people who walk to the escalator, stand side by side, and prevent those behind them from getting by. Seriously!!! The escalator's at o'hare move so slowly....how do people not go crazy just standing there? People are so lazy, and I am fine with that, but have the courtesy to allow others to walk past you. Typically I'd be rude and plow past these people but I'm learning that its a waste of energy and I now take the more difficult physical route but the easier route ultimatley...the stairs.

The one "ride" I do not avoid confrontation on is the speedway. (Or is it a moving walkway?). Thank god someone was smart enough to label the lanes and post signage above that states that the left lane is for moving people and u lazy fucks who feel you need to stand and lounge on the moving WALKway...please stay to the right.

I feel better now. But seriously...if you are an escalator stander please let me know. If u think blocking off the people behind you who actually want to move up or down faster than the escalator moves is not a big deal let me know. It is rare....but sometimes I am in the wrong. ;)


Waking Up is So Hard To Do.

I've always been told that waking up get's easier and easier to do the more you age. Well I feel fifty, and waking up sucks every day. I can sleep 12 hours and still have the hardest time waking up. Is there a magic number when mornings start to get easier? Sleep is definitely NOT as easy for me as it used to be. It has now become a full time job to slow my mind down in order to fall asleep. And without a doubt, every morning, I could sleep forever.

I have been awake for just over an hour, drank half a pot of coffee, and i'm still mad at the world for making me wake up. I'm not sure why I chose tho share this with you but I would love comments if you have any feedback.


A quick post re: Big Brother 8

Summer after Summer I look forward to Big Brother. It's almost sick as I'm more excited to play/watch the show than I am about my real life. Yes, there have been several years where the only people I can't stand in the house keep moving forward while eliminating everyone I like. And usually i'm stuck picking between 2 people I can't stand because my favorite player took 3rd place.

Big Brother 8 was a huge dissapointment. The cast from the get go was "eh" at best. And the "twists" with the few "frenamies" was so lame. I hated the fags from chicago....maybe out of jealousy...but i hated them none-the-less. (I'm so thankful they didn't win....one good thing came out of the show). And the only guys in the house I actually liked were kicked out within the first few weeks. What am I left with?

Oh yeah....america's player. I'm still indifferent on the concept of the america's players. I want to like the idea as america can be involved in the game but it sorta CHANGES "the game". (Side Note: I think Eric "america's player" is a doosh bag and I hated watching him all season")

You know it's a bad season when you don't watch the 2 part season finale or care who wins. I actually pulled up the website to find out who won....Minerva Dick. My least favorite person in the entire house. 2nd place went to his nasty whiney daughter. I will say that the final finale I watched...and I actually enjoyed it. They brought everyone back together....casted the votes....asked the questions and revealed the final twist....america's player. it was cute how they did it but still....BLAHHHHH BLLLAHHHH BLLLLAHHHHH BIG BROTHER 8!

Oh yeah....a shout out to jameka girl!!! I loved you from day one and wanted you to win it all!!! you guys were so close!!!!

Backstreet Boys

So I have a severe problem. Ok, I have many severe problems. But my severe problem of the moment is that I love boybands. I really do. BasicallyI love anything your little sister loves. But I love most all genres of music. I just happen to REALLY REALLY LOVE horrible bubble gum and country music the most. So I was at work tonight when a Justin Timberlake discussion broke out after one of his too many video's came on the video jukebox. I made a comment how I wouldn't go to his concert but I'd go to an NSYNC concert anyday. That's when the gentleman on the other side of the bar mentioned that that will never happen but I can probably go see a backstreet boys concert as they are releasing a new album. WHAT??????? How exciting! I'll admit, I was one of the first in line for the "Never Gone" album and it's true...I LOVED IT!

I downloaded their new song tonight and it's "eh". Don't get me wrong....I love it and will sing it everyday for the next 6 weeks. But it's not exactly what I was hoping to hear as the first release. Let's hope it's not an idication of what we're going to get.

it's called -- a new beginning. hmmmm....and only 4 backstreet boys? not so sure i'm "down" with that. you can't just lose a backstreet boy. i guess it's really not up to me...i have no choice but to accept the 4 they are giving me.

So i went to their website to see when I can buy the album.

40 days 21 hours 25 minutes 20 seconds. Minerva that long.


The Basil Bubbly

So I stumbled accross a website called www.cocktailnerd.com this morning and saw that they were having a contest for best "fizz" drink in celebration of the final days of summer. With fall just around the corner I thought I'd post a drink that was pefect for summer, fall and even winter. And yes Gabriel....it's "fizzy". Y'all give it a try!

The Basil Bubbly
1.25oz Basil Hayden Bourbon
A Splash of OJ
Fill the remainder of flute with your favorite champagne.
Garnish with a twist or Orange.

It's stylish, classy and DA-LISH!!!


Cubs Win!

I have to admit and say it's been really hard for me to believe in the cubs this year. 2003 sorta tainted me. They had a rough start this season but since the All-Star break they have really turned it on. For awhile they were the best team in MLB. But kind of like when they get the lead in a game they've loosened up and only have a 1 game lead on the Brewers. 0 if they lose.

My allergies and a cold combination have me feeling really sick so I gave my ticket to tonights game up. While i'm still glad I stayed in and rested....WOW WHAT A GAME!!! The cubs jumped to a quick lead but lost it just as quickly. Everytime they started to get momentum or they were about to score....something would happen to prevent them from scoring. i curled up under the covers and kept praying they would win. During the cubs game the Brewers win 5-0 to put pressure on the cubbies to get the W so they can keep soul possesion of 1st place in the central division. With only two weeks left in the season I am starting to get ridiculously excited about the post season. I haven't let myself completely believe since i was heart broken in the never to be forgotten 2003 season. Could this really be the year? I'm actually going to say it....I believe.


Last minute decisions...

I'm still in awe as I made a spur of the moment decision last night at nearly 2am to fly to Southern California this morning to visit Jordan and attend some parties with him. A flight accross the country 9 hours in advance just for "funsies". WHO DOES THAT? So here I am....about to hop in his Lincoln Park Trixie mobile to head to L.A. to meet Bradly (our friend from Nashvegas) and his parents at a house party. We are spending the night in L.A. tonight and then headed to San Diego tomorrow to surprise Kim at her house party. YEAH!!!!!

So that's it. Just wanted to drop a quick post to let those who wondered where i dissappeared to know where I am.

Sunny Southern California.



I can't believe we did it again! This is the third year in a row we have attended the Milwaukee Dairyland Classic and it's the third year in a row we have walked away champions. The tournament has grown each year and this year we were put in a bracket with 17 teams. Our team, the Basil Hayden Buzz, received the #1 seed after pool play as we had a 2-0 record and were tied with another undefeated Milwaukee team for run differential. We flipped a coin and that's where my coin toss luck began. I called tails, got the call and we were given the number 1 seed. From then on I called every coin toss correctly so we played as the home team most every game. Overall we went 8-1. We lost to the Milwaukee Kruzers Sunday afternoon and had to beat them twice in the championship game to take the title. We made a few changes before the game and really concentrated on the mechanics of softball. We won the first championship game 10-5 and the final game 8-7. It was an intense game but we kept our cool and walked away winners.

I'm sad as we learned at the awards banquet that there will not be a Dairyland Classic next year due to some bike race the city is hosting. :( I guess there won't be a four-peat for a couple of years....Milwaukee has treated us well and we plan on returning when the tournament comes back to life.

I had an amazing weekend! It's really crazy how fun softball tournaments are. I'm so fortunate to have such an amazing group of guys to play ball with. I am so lucky!

Oh, and congratulations to Alan Ireland for winning Big Brother Milwaukee 2. (i knew not to take that bitch to the final three)



Moving sucks. I am so incredibly excited to to be living alone in an awesome new apartment and I am SO CLOSE to being 100% moved. But I can't help but feel stressed and anxious about getting everything cleaned, organized and well...complete. A craze of emotion I have been feeling over these past few days and I look forward to this change becoming a stability.


To All of you Meth Addicts:

To All of you Meth Addicts out there: I realize you get a great high by crushing up a mixture of chemicals along with my Claritin D, which is why we need to talk. Let's just pretend you could buy meth at your local walmart instead of your local drug dealer. You'd grow accustomed to this convenience and you'd expect walmart to have your product in stock and on the shelf. Now imagine one day the government says that walmart can't sell your meth on the shelves anymore because people like me are stealing it so that we can make allergy medicine. So now you have to go to walmart during walmart pharmacy hours to purchase your meth. And EVERYTIME you purchase your meth, you have to give the cashier your state issued I.D. so that they can monitor how much meth you are buying. And if you are traveling or need to stock up on your meth becuase "you know how bad you go through withdrawals when you can't have your meth" you CAN'T. You can't, because you are only allowed a certain amount of meth PER HOUSEHOLD per month and even per purchase. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it?

Yea, I agree. But her i sit, sick as a dog because the Walgreen's pharmacy i just walked to is already closed for the night. Which means no Claritin D for me.


UrbanDictionary.com is Minerva

We created a definition for the word minerva so that we could upload it to the website urban dictionary. And they "chose not to publish it" That is MAJOR MINERVA!

Submission reviewed
Your submission has been reviewed by editors. Editors chose to not publish your submission.
(mah-nerr-vah) When someone or something annoys or works your nerves. Primarily used as an adjective or predicate noun. Also used as an exclamation, often by itself.
OMG, he keeps smacking his gum and it's minerva.
He is minerva because he is wearing the same shirt as me.
This song is seriously minerva.
Minerva! Where are my keys?
Minerva, why aren't you answering your phone?

Source: Steve Cole, Chicago, IL


My Hands Are Bananas - B A N A N A S

This is by far the best youtube I have ever seen. I can't stop watching it. I hope you think it's as funny as I do.


2 Years Strong - And Growing

So stevegcole.com has turned two and then some. Two years and four days ago, from Toronto I launched my website. Part of me feels like that was so long ago, and the other part of me feels like it was just yesterday. The site has had it's ups and downs. I've definitely had my moments where the posts were few and far between, and I'm sure there will be more draughts but my goal is to keep things updated. For both you and for me. I really enjoy going through old posts and seeing what I was up to one year ago. Remember when Jordan used to post more as a comment than I wrote in the original post? Ah, to have that happen again. It motivated me to write.

Life is good right now. It seems like September is always a time of change in my life. New roommates, new jobs, new friends...I'm looking forward to that. This year the transition came a little early. I've recently cancelled my frequent flyer program to Rhode Island and found a new place to live. I moved less than one block from where I have been living so I'm still in the same neighborhood, but for the first time EVER in my life....I am living alone. WOW....so far so good. I still have some stuff to move over here but when it's all said and done I think I will be SO MUCH HAPPIER.

So here is to change. To what lies ahead in all of our lives. I have never been so ready for what life has to offer me. Perhaps it's going to be a struggle? Maybe it'll be a piece of cake. Either way, I plan on making it an adventure. BRING IT LIFE! I'm ready!


Chocolate (choco choco)

The next post...

So....I will admit. Jordan & I have a bunch of work ready to be edited and blogged. Unfortunately, most of it requires a lot of work. So, we promised ourselves that we would put something hysterical together by the nights end so that you all could enjoy it over your morning coffee. It is 3:30 in the morning, and there's not a soul it sight. The city's looking like a ghost town on a moon lit Monday night. Ok, i'm trying to be cute with lyrics to get us out of not posting the masterpiece we just filmed. It's major minerva because it really is 3:30 in the morning and we've spent an entire night and 2 hours of footage making what you will see on my next post. I promise to have it ready today, August 14th. You just can't enjoy it over your coffee. So check back soon. We promise it will be worth it.

Chocolate anyone?


In Only Four More Hours.....

Oh My God!!! I am so freaking excited! Jordan's plane arrives in a couple of hours and he should be at Halsted's to see me in approx. four hours!!!!!!! Woo Hoo! I am more excited that Jesse Spano was for her caffine pills right now!!!

And I just made my first cake and took my first shower at the new apartment! OH MY GOD I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!

To an amazing weekend!


What a great day!!!

It has been one hell of a day! I am in the best mood right now as I just reconnected with someone I haven't talked to in maybe 4 years? But it's not just "someone". It's SOMEONE. The co-founder of MINERVA, my former roommate Ryan...presh if you will. Or as he and I would say it...PREEEEEEESH!!!

I have been trying to re-gain contact with him for years with little success. Today was my lucky day. I stumbled across a bio's page of company website and there was his picture, bio and to my surprise contact information. I was still not sold on a win as I had found his brother's work information which turned into a dead end. So I picked up my phone to call him. He did not answer....so I pretty much assumed this too was a lost cause. I asked the lady on the other end if he worked there and she said yes. When I asked to talk to him she asked...."who's calling"? DA-LISH!!! I replied..."minerva". She told him a guy named Minerva was on the phone and he thought it was some sort of joke, as he and his office all use this word. When i heard his voice i started shaking. "hello this is ryan"....my reply. "MINERVA!!!" We were suddenly two little school girls who just had their first kiss on the playground. We could have talked for hours. And with as much as we said in 20 minutes we might as well have. He's calling me tomorrow at 9:01pm (we plan on talking so long that we need the free nights and weekend minutes). I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

So I called him the co-founder of Minerva. In all honestly, as much as I don't want to give it to him. If we were to own the word....I'd have to give him 51% and me 49% as he was the one that officially changed Oh My God'A I can't Believe'A How much'a he'a is on'a "My Nerves'A" into Minerva.

And the world will never be the same!


A Night at Wrigley

So a group of friends asked me to join them last night at Wrigley Field as one of thier other friends backed out. Man am I glad he did. We started the evening by meeting up with each other at City Nate's house. He recently moved into the high rise that now occupies the land in which the former Marigold Bowl occupied. His unit was on the 15th floor and the view was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The picture above is of Wrigley Field from his place...he also had a great view of downtown and a nice view of the lake.

We had nose-bleed seats at Wrigley and they ROCKED! We had WAY to much fun! The group of guys was perfect! And the energy in the stadium was great as the cubs are currently 1 game out of 1st place for the central division and only a half a game out of first for the Wild Card. This has been one hell of a turnaround year for the Cubbies. Never in a million years did I think they'd take off and make a comeback for the playoffs. Could this actually be the year? I'm afraid to let myself believe..but I do. C'MON CUBBIES!!!!


Apartment for Rent

Ugh. Looking for apartments is NOT FUN. Sure, there is an excitement level in finding a cool place you can move into. But with the income I have...a NICE place is hard to come by. I was proud of myself for being flexible with location. While I love living in lakeview/wrigleyville, I knew I had to be open. I did find a couple of places in Central Lakeview (a bit north and west of where I live now) but both of the places I decided on ended up falling through. In my search, I found a LOT of shitholes. I didn't realize how nice the place I live in now really is. I am sad to be giving it up.

Let it be announced that on the 25th day of July, 2007 I have paid my deposit and first months rent on my new living space. For the first time in my life I will be living ALONE! I am surprised that at age 28, I have yet to have my own place. But I've always really enjoyed having a roommate and enjoy even more saving money on rent/utiltites.

Something tells me that most of you will find this funny. I will be living on N. RETA. Yes, RETA. Laugh it up y'all. Laugh it up. Ironic? Yes! But let the countdown begin. I will be getting a key on August 7th. T minus 13 days!!!! WooHoo!!

Signed with Love,
Rita Mae



From behind the bar...

This is officially my first blog from behind the bar at halsted's. I have been here for 2 hours and have made 2 dollars. Thank god jordan had his phone on him as it allowed the time to pass a little quicker as I had someone to converse with.

So for those of you who know me you know of me love for the reality tv show big brother. Season 8 started up last week and for the second time I was a semi-finalist. Obviously I did not make the show as I am writing this from behind a bar. This cast seems like a week one thus far....their "twist" is putting people in the house with enemies. But they only did the "enemies" with 3 groups of people...unless they introduce some more people to the house its a pretty stupid twist. Of course the two fags who hate each other are from chicago. They are lucky I don't know them or it would require me to be extra hateful.

Fortunately they have two hot guys to look at this year. One is nick, a former pro football player...the other mike....a hot hot dark featured white boy. if I were to pick a winner this far out....I would have to go with jameka. The only reason I am picking her is that it is too early to see everyones strategies and I think she is the bomb. I want mike to win but he is already being dominant and will have a hard time not being targeted early on.

Jen??? I loathe the bitch....she is hoh now and I can't wait for her to go home!!!!

Leave a comment with who YOU think will win. In a few weeks I will do it again!

I am going with jameka for a guess at week one.


Along came....

I admit...I give Ms. Quicksell a hard time about her Debbie Downer entries sometimes. And i'm starting to think that the reason I don't write as much as I'd like to is that I don't want to be writing about downer stuff all of the time. It gets hard. I feel comfortable saying that I am pretty lucky in life. I was born into a loving family, I'm healthy and I've got an amazing group of friends. And with all of that...it is still so hard to keep positive spirits all of the time.

I am having an extreamly rough day. I'm sad, I'm lazy, I'm broke and I'm just not happy with a lot of things in life right now. I could go into the deep dark details but instead, I am simply going to let out a big....WAAAAHHHH WAAAAAAAH. Today is my Debbie Downer day and I'm broadcasting it to the world. Ok, to the few people who actually log onto here from time to time.

There is really only one thing I HAVE to do....I have to get off my ass and make good things happen. It is the Summer of Fun Raaaight? I love you Debbie but I don't really have time for you this summer.

I'm off.


From 30,000 Feet.

Its been awhile since I have written from 30,000 feet, I had hoped to write an entry on friday morning on my journey to the hamptons but was going on 3 hours of sleep. Having boarding group A (yes, I am flying the dreaded southwest airlines) I quickly found a window seat towards the front of the plane and KNOCKED out.

So my trip to the hamptons was amazing!!! The group I traveled with was so cool. Often times traveling with a group can be dreadful. Not this time...everyone was laid back, good spirited and there to have a good time. And that we did. The hamptons were not exactly what I had expected. In my head it was going to be one of the most beautiful places in the U.S. That it was not. But there was definitely a ton of money in the city. We got to eat some really good food, see a lot of places and spend a lot of time on the beach. The club scene was ridiculous. We had bottle service at both clubs we went to and spent A LOT of money on these bottles. You would think you'd get more than a small coffee table for your table service.....raiiight? Wrong. And the drama of even getting through the doors was crazy. I am glad to have seen it but it is not for me.

My favorite part of the trip that I am bringing home with me??? The basil hayden mint julip from nick and tony's. The bartender showed me how to make it and I am quite excited to share this drink with everyone....so please....next time you come over ask me to make you one. They are amazingly good!!!!


2007 Toronto Cup Champions

My first post was from Toronto and less than 2 years later I was back. My goal was to visit another country before going back to Toronto but on the spur of the moment Aaron and I opted to be pick up players with the Jackhammer team. Boy are we glad we did. We had a FANTASTIC time. Stayed at a B&B and won the tournament. And met some AWESOME people...thanks jackhammer for letting us join you!


Minerva has gone Worldwide!!!

It's official. Minerva is making it around the world. This cast is called the ss Minerva Cast. And look at how minerva it looks? It was obviously named that for a reason, IT'S MINERVA!!!!


Just 2 more days!!!!

I feel I often over use the term "bestfriend". I have 4 people in my life that I use these words with regularly. There have a been a few times when I've been called out for having too many best friends. Doesn't "best" mean one? Ok by definition I'm not using the word correctly but these 4 people will always hold a special place in my life and I feel are worthy of being called "bests". If they have a problem sharing the title they can take it up amongst each other. It'd be an interesting battle. So while I have four bests i only have one Grace in my life. I think every gay man has that one woman in his life that he puts up on a pedestal above all other women in the world. The girl who understands him and who he can share his darkest secrets with. This woman to me is Jennifer Ivey. Yes she is the girl pictured above and yes she will kill me when she's see's the picture I have chosen to post. This picture was taken on February 4, 1999 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I will give photo credit to Ms. Shirley Ivey. I have no clue what we are drinking but I can assure you that we are WASTED. Moments later I think i was holding Ivey's hair back while she was throwing up in the bathroom.

So kill me Ivey Jo. But you gave me attitude that there was no mention of your arrival. Now there is mention....a picture....and here goes the announcement......WE WILL BE DOING A DAILY VIDEO BLOG WHILE SHE IS HERE so stay tuned!!!!

And let's go back to the picture above. Does it look like she's wearing a strippers coat? What's up with that?

Love you girl! See you in two days!


We Survived!!!

So I have to say this weekend was an amazing one and quite adventurous. I had planned a 25 mile trip down the lower wisconsin river over 2 days. The boy and I both woke up with a cold and I decided that instead of leaving at the crack of dawn....we should sleep in so that we were better rested for day 1. We left land around 4pm and headed downstream. With the late start and a leisurely pace we only traveled about 7 miles on day one. We set up camp on an island in the middle of the river and had about 60 minutes from our arrival on the island until sun down. We worked very well as a team...the tent was up and the fuel for the fire was collected all before sun-down. We built the fire, made chicken tortellini (sp?) and laid under the stars with our cocktails until we finally moved into the tent for a nights sleep.

This is where the fun began. I was raised camping on the Missouri river and am quite aware that the river level can rise quite quickly with rain upstream. To our knowledge there was no rain North of us. When I unzipped the front of our tent I noticed that the island we were on had changed drastically. THANK GOD we moved our tent to a better spot before we settled. Or we would have slept underwater. Our kayaks were beach bound when we went to bed. WERE beach bound. One of the kayaks was gone and the other was barely stuck in shallow water. I grabbed a life jacket, water through the water to the kayak and took off downstream while the P built a fire. Surprisingly I found the other kayak about a mile or so down stream, tied it to my boat and paddled upstream. Paddling upstream sucks...especially against the wind with a 2nd boat tied on. Luckily the fire was started, we made some oatmeal, packed back up and headed downstream. Our total trip was about 14.5 miles. We'll be back to do a 25'er and then the 90 mile trip to the Mississippi River.

We got back to chicago about 30 minutes before the Mika concert we had planned on attending for his birthday. We unloaded the jeep, changed as fast as possible, and arrived at the concert smelling like dirty river water. the concert was amazing!!!


Camping with Rhode Island...not IN Rhode Island

So I'm headed to Rhode Island for a 24 mile kayaking/camping trip. We should be back Monday night. If I end up missing one of us has killed each other. Sauk City here we come! Here's to hoping it's an amazing weekend!!!


Happy May Day!

So I grew up always looking forward to May 1st, what my family knew and celebrated as May Day. While a lot of the country celebrates this holiday with a May Pole we always followed the tradition of making May Baskets for our neighbors. My mother and I would always go to the grocery store together to purchase a bunch of strawberries (so we could use the little green baskets for our base), pipe cleaners (the handle to the basket), and then a bunch of various candies to fill each basket. While I always loved making our May Day Baskets (most of the neighbor’s used Dixie Cups), my favorite part of the tradition was delivering the baskets. The tradition is that you are to try to deliver the baskets without getting caught. We'd ring our neighbors bell, leave the basket, and RUN!!! If you got caught they'd have to kiss you.

So i'm curious....has anyone out there ever heard of this tradition? When I moved to the south for college people thought I was crazy...and i've yet to see this happen in chicago. I looked the Holiday up on Wikipedia and was happy to see that this is a recognized tradition that's unfortunately been fading since the 20th century. SEE BELOW...and please leave comments to tell me how you celebrated the holiday.

May Day is May 1, and refers to any of several holidays celebrated on this day. May 1 was a traditional summer holiday in many pre-Christian European pagan cultures, and many elements of these holidays are still celebrated on May 1 today, such as the Maypole. While February 1 was the first day of Spring, May 1 was the first day of summer: hence, the summer solstice on June 25 (now June 21) was "midsummer."

In the Roman Catholic tradition, May is observed as Mary's month, and May Day is usually a celebration of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In this connection, Mary's head (in works of art, school skits, etc.) will often be adorned with flowers. Another May Day tradition (fading in popularity since the late 20th century) is the giving of May baskets, small baskets of candy and/or flowers, usually left anonymously on neighbors' doorsteps.


My Get-A-Way to Denver

Here I sit on one of the bumpiest plane rides I’ve been on in a long while in route from Denver back to Chicago. My former roommate Rich flew me out on miles, so sweet, so that I could come visit him and his boyfriend. I could not have asked for a better trip. It was very low-key and relaxing which is exactly what I needed. I had met his boyfriend, Brian, on several occasions but always briefly so I didn’t really know the guy very well upon arrival. He was gracious enough to change his work schedule so that he could pick me up from the airport and then he and I spent my first few hours in Colorado together as Rich was still at work. I can confidently say after getting to know him better that he is SUCH A SWEET GUY and perfect for Rich. I am so happy they found each other. I also met several of their friends as we had people over for dinner last night…all good people.
I would have to say that the highlight of my trip was Rich and my adventure to the Red Rocks. Our hike was a light one that lasted just a couple of hours as we spent our time hiking in and around the Red Rock’s Amphitheatre. It was AWESOME! It was a sight that I have always wanted to see as so many bands I love talk so highly of the space. Now, I just need to find a way to see someone like Dave Matthews, David Gray or Keane there. It’d be pure bliss. Rich and I got a little camera happy and took about 160 pictures between the two of us. You can click on the album cover at the top right corner of my page to view a portion of them. Enjoy!


Today I Feel Pretty!

Ok, so maybe I don't look pretty in the picture above and we know Aaron certainly does not, but I felt this picture best fits the mood I am in at the moment. I left work early last night as we were overstaffed and not busy. I know this is a stupid thing to do as I only have 3 shifts left before we close the door for good. But when I made the decision to leave I promised myself that I would do something good for myself after I got home. And that I did...i got all dressed up and ready to go for a jog on the lakefront. As I was walking out the door the boy called so he ended up joining me.

Chicago is AMAZING. It's kinda hard to believe that in a city this size, you can find such an awesome escape. He and I walked to the lake from his house in Uptown and then jogged towards downtown, sat on the waterfront for a short while and then jogged back home. It's really hard to believe, but we did not come in-contact with ANY PEOPLE the entire run down the lakefront. We did however see 4 raccoons', a few duck and several rodents. An incredibly peaceful and romantic jaunt. (I know you're all puking right now..sorry) We woke up this morning, made breakfast and then I took off to get some stuff done for myself. And on top of all of this, it's finally sunny and mild outside which makes me feel pretty. Oh so pretty!


I am in LOVE with this woman!!!

Alanis Morissette "My Humps" video parody

This is freakin' hilarious!!!

What Does "Minerva" Mean???

So i got a comment from an anonymous person asking.....what does "minerva" mean. Will this person please email me or give me there contact info....i'd love to chat.


vBlog 12Apr07

I swear I didn't mean to say "Ladies and Gentleman" so many times....if I could I would re-record...but that would take the fun out of it. I just pushed record and talked....trying to recreate would take away from the freeness of my thoughts.


You Call All Breath Cleaner Air!!!

It's official. As of yesterday, you can all bring cleaner air. A few months ago I received a notification in the mail from the State of Illinois saying that I needed to complete an emissions test. It was mid November when i made the journey to the emissions testing center only to find that my 2002 Jeep Wrangler FAILED. I was giving until March 20th to fix the three things listed on the computer print out they gave me or my drivers license would be suspended.

When I had taken my vehicle in, there was a light lit on my dashboard. It was the Multi-Function Indicator light. After reading the manual it basically said it could be a number of non-severe things acting up with my jeep. I had already been to the dealer with this light issue and it was taken care of..but the light still comes on and off when it feels like it. Unfortunately, it was on when I went to get my emissions test.

To make a long story short...i HAD to have paper work from a certified emissions shop stating that i had the problem fixed and a receipt to prove it. Of course my light was off when I went to the dealer....I had to pay $112 for them to look at my jeep and say that none of those things were really wrong just so I could pass this test and keep my license. MINERVA. And to top it all off...they gave me a list of about $1000 worth of shit that needs to be fixed on my wrangler. WAAAH WAAAH.

Off to work I go.


Happy 27th Birthday Jordan!!!!!

He's going to kill me for posting this pic but that's what Birthday's are for.....RAAIIGHT? For those of you who know this special man....please with him a happy 27th today (March 8th....I posted a few minutes early. Yes....i know...it's sick...he's only 27th. But he looks FIFTY!


Operation Transformation 2.0

Ok. I have gotten so LAZY this winter that it is now beyond ridiculous. It should be so easy for me to go to the gym before I go to work as the earliest i have to be in is at 4pm. Unfortunately, I've gotten really good at staying up WAY TO LATE (I can't ever fall asleep) and then sleeping in way to late. Three days ago I promised myself that Operation Transformation 2.0 was going to start on March 1st. Well it was thunderstorming on day one so I decided to skip the gym...day two...it was snowing hard so I decided to skip the gym.

Today is day three and I have a headache. It is 2.5 hours before work. I'm unfortunately creating excuses not to go BUT today is not the day. I hearby pledge to do my best at making Operation Transformation 2.0 a success!

Please...feel free to ask me how it's going? I'd love to be tested.



My buddy Doug emailed me this image this morning. I got a nice chuckle out of it so I thought I'd share it with the rest of you! Enjoy!


David's a HOAR!!!!

Yes...she bought the same shoe's as I did. Payback's a bitch. But at least now we're even.

Oh yeah. This picture was taken after she "left for the airport". I knew better. So, I waited about 10 minutes before leaving the hotel room to catch her at Kenneth Cole trying on and then purchasing my pretty shoes!



Does anyone else out there think that the Homeland Security Advisory System is as stupid as I do? I remember shortly after 911 being in Asheville, NC with Ivey and Toombs. When we awoke in the morning the Homeland Security Advisory had raised the level to Orange. So Ivey, Toombs and I dressed in Orange clothes to go out for some lunch and a little shopping. All day long we'd scream Code Orange at people. Ever since, it's been our little joke when something is elevated to call a code orange.

During my travels this week to and fro NYC, I realized we are in the midst of a code orange at the airports. I was quite sad that I wasn't even aware of this prior to my arrival at O'Hare...or I would have dressed in my orange.

The video above has been posted for 2 reasons:
1. I missed out on dressing in ORANGE at both O'Hare and LaGuardia airports
2. Ivey called and left me a CODE ORANGE message last night. Dave Matthews will be appearing on next week’s episode of House on Tues. night at 8pm. (Apparently that's worthy of a code orange alert)



From 30,000 Feet.

Wow, what a trip! Not counting my first trip to NYC, I think this was my favorite visit to the Big Apple. The last few times I’ve been here I got caught up in spending my free time socially in the bars and nightclubs. Not this time. I went and saw a third musical last night. Finally, I was able to see Avenue Q. Aaron met me at the Cheap Tkts booth in the Broadway district after he got off and there were only 4 shows to choose from as it was Monday Night. Rent – been there 100 times. Les Mis – Da-lish…but no thanks. Phantom of the Opera – I’m not sure why but I really have no desire to see that show. I think I know it’ll always be around so when I’m ready to see it, I can. And Avenue Q – YES PLEASE.

Aaron had already seen the show in its first year out so I was very thankful he choose to see it again with me. So our tickets were $55 and we bought them just a few hours before show time. You’d think we’d have bad seats right? WRONG. We were in the fourth row center. I have had first and second row seats before….usually to the side. NEVER have I had such great seats as these. AMAZING. And for any of you that have not seen this show…..GO SEE IT!!! My face hurt from smiling and laughing so hard for so long.

So after the show Aaron wanted to go to the bar. Not just any bar…he wanted to go to Splash. KILL ME!!! I loathe that place. And to top it off…it was show tunes night. We have this same night at Sidetrack in Chicago. It’s miserable so I couldn’t imagine having to live this at my least favorite place in NYC. Wow was I in for a surprise. The show tunes were actually really enjoyable. Sure, there were several videos I didn’t know, a couple I could have lived without but for the most part they played all of my favorites. They even played the Dreamgirls performance with Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce that was recorded the night before. It got better. Suddenly a stage lights up behind us. And they’ve brought in some wanna-be pop singer, Kelly King, who is going to sing some Broadway tunes for us. I dreaded it. I was convinced it was turning into Monday night Karaoke. She opened with a song from Dreamgirls, And I am Telling You, and DAMN could this girl sing. She could give Jennifer Hudson and Holiday a run for their money. Aaron and I were in for yet another show and WE HAD NO IDEA! (Yes David, that was said in your voice) Some random girl came up for a quick song after the opening and was really good. Then they did a duet from RENT. It just keep getting better and better! So yes….it was a weekend of shows. They are telling me to turn off my electronic device so I guess that wraps up this blog. There's nothing worse than wrapping it up before you're ready.

Next entry? David’s a HOAR for buying the same shoes as me.