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Another day in nyc

So this past week and a half has been quite a journey. I was on a nine day tour of the east coast for work. My trip started out shadowing fellow whiskey professor david mays in d.c., virginia and philly. We split ways on tuesday and I made my way to the big apple for the voltany art show. Unfortunately, upon arrival I broke out in a fever which lasted two full days. It is now sunday and I'm almost feeling normal. Just in time to head back home in the morning. I think this means one thing. I must plan a personal trip to nyc. Its been over a year since my last broadway show and with here for work its shocking I havent stepped foot into a bar.

Things must change.


The Curse of the W

So i've decided the W in NYC is cursed. Actually all of them in NYC are cursed. The last time I stayed at a W in NYC I was sick as a dog. (what does that mean? sick as a dog?) I believe I was up here with Aaron and Tom...I just remember trying to go get coffee with them and then sweating non-stop the entire rest of the trip in bed.

Well not 30 minutes after I checked in this morning. My fever hit. Part of me thought I was just tired and the sweats were coincidental but the thermometer tells me differently. I went to the cheap tkts booth to purchase tickets to a show for tonight but couldn't force myself to wait in a line with the way I was feeling. I thought about going back down there later to see what I could get but I decided sleep was more important. Let's just hope I can make it through tomorrow.


New States!

Just a quick blog to say hello. I've been slacking A LOT lately and am trying to get myself back in the habit of posting. Especially since I'm going to be traveling more....it'll be a good way to keep everyone updated on what's going on.

Today's excitement? I got to color in two more states on my map. Maryland & Delaware. I took a train this morning from DC to philly. Good times. And now? I have 1 hour before I need to be somewhere....I think a 35 minute nap is in order.



Happy Easter Y'all

Yes, it's a repeat....but a goodie.

She ruined my Easter.

It appeared as though Jankovic was continuing her streak against Henin this afternoon as she broke out to a 5-1 lead in the first set. "I play my best tennis when my back is up against the wall," said Henin post match. "She was really playing well and I could not get my shots in, but I knew I would come back." Justine's rally comeback was to no surprise today as she has done it time and time again against her rival Jelena.

"She ruined my Easter," said Jankerz. "My whole family was there to see me when and I knew I had her when I started off so strongly. But you can never count Justine out, she's a fighter and showed that here today."

The two have no set matches but we hope to see them again soon.


Jankovic Finally Gets Past Henin

Jankovic would be unstoppable, if it weren't for Henin. Justine has simply had her number. "But it's a new year," states Jankerz as she prepares to take the court. "I won't be manhandled this year. I have watched her tapes and will make it my personal goal to take her spot at #1 in 2008.

"She just played better today." said Justine "The best player today won, but we will see who will be the best player on Sunday when we meet again."



So I haven't been blogging. I haven't wanted to. that's a lie...I have wanted to...i just haven't wanted to actually type it up. the typing part sucks. so i have many things i want to post. and many things i will. in time.

tonight i stumbled across an old vblog from the first week i lived in this apartment. it was fun for me to watch so i'm sharing it again with anyone who will watch.