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Does anyone else out there think that the Homeland Security Advisory System is as stupid as I do? I remember shortly after 911 being in Asheville, NC with Ivey and Toombs. When we awoke in the morning the Homeland Security Advisory had raised the level to Orange. So Ivey, Toombs and I dressed in Orange clothes to go out for some lunch and a little shopping. All day long we'd scream Code Orange at people. Ever since, it's been our little joke when something is elevated to call a code orange.

During my travels this week to and fro NYC, I realized we are in the midst of a code orange at the airports. I was quite sad that I wasn't even aware of this prior to my arrival at O'Hare...or I would have dressed in my orange.

The video above has been posted for 2 reasons:
1. I missed out on dressing in ORANGE at both O'Hare and LaGuardia airports
2. Ivey called and left me a CODE ORANGE message last night. Dave Matthews will be appearing on next week’s episode of House on Tues. night at 8pm. (Apparently that's worthy of a code orange alert)



From 30,000 Feet.

Wow, what a trip! Not counting my first trip to NYC, I think this was my favorite visit to the Big Apple. The last few times I’ve been here I got caught up in spending my free time socially in the bars and nightclubs. Not this time. I went and saw a third musical last night. Finally, I was able to see Avenue Q. Aaron met me at the Cheap Tkts booth in the Broadway district after he got off and there were only 4 shows to choose from as it was Monday Night. Rent – been there 100 times. Les Mis – Da-lish…but no thanks. Phantom of the Opera – I’m not sure why but I really have no desire to see that show. I think I know it’ll always be around so when I’m ready to see it, I can. And Avenue Q – YES PLEASE.

Aaron had already seen the show in its first year out so I was very thankful he choose to see it again with me. So our tickets were $55 and we bought them just a few hours before show time. You’d think we’d have bad seats right? WRONG. We were in the fourth row center. I have had first and second row seats before….usually to the side. NEVER have I had such great seats as these. AMAZING. And for any of you that have not seen this show…..GO SEE IT!!! My face hurt from smiling and laughing so hard for so long.

So after the show Aaron wanted to go to the bar. Not just any bar…he wanted to go to Splash. KILL ME!!! I loathe that place. And to top it off…it was show tunes night. We have this same night at Sidetrack in Chicago. It’s miserable so I couldn’t imagine having to live this at my least favorite place in NYC. Wow was I in for a surprise. The show tunes were actually really enjoyable. Sure, there were several videos I didn’t know, a couple I could have lived without but for the most part they played all of my favorites. They even played the Dreamgirls performance with Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce that was recorded the night before. It got better. Suddenly a stage lights up behind us. And they’ve brought in some wanna-be pop singer, Kelly King, who is going to sing some Broadway tunes for us. I dreaded it. I was convinced it was turning into Monday night Karaoke. She opened with a song from Dreamgirls, And I am Telling You, and DAMN could this girl sing. She could give Jennifer Hudson and Holiday a run for their money. Aaron and I were in for yet another show and WE HAD NO IDEA! (Yes David, that was said in your voice) Some random girl came up for a quick song after the opening and was really good. Then they did a duet from RENT. It just keep getting better and better! So yes….it was a weekend of shows. They are telling me to turn off my electronic device so I guess that wraps up this blog. There's nothing worse than wrapping it up before you're ready.

Next entry? David’s a HOAR for buying the same shoes as me.



So I've got to say....I'm just over half way into my NYC trip and I'm having the time of my life. Aaron and David have been incredible travel companions. First let me explain the picture listed above. I posted that pic as it best describes the mood I have been in the entire day...including now. I took a half a Norma Jean about 35 minutes ago and I'm struggling to stay awake.

So back to my trip. David and I's adventure began bright (it wasn't bright yet) and early on Sat. morning. I had worked the night before so I didn't get much sleep before david arrive at my house at 5am and david never sleeps. There explains the Norma's. I ought to buy stock in that company. They are heavenly. Upon our arrival, we checked into our hotel, relaxed for about 15 minutes and then went down to the lobby for a DA-LISH breakfast. And David was happy to have asparagus pee the rest of the afternoon so it was a double-win breakfast. We left pretty immediately after breakfast and made our way to the Spanish Art Exhibit. IT WAS AMAZING!!! I think we were there for over 3 hours. We could have stayed longer.

Ms. Brost arrived shortly later and met us at a bbq joint just a short cab ride away from our hotel. We all ordered salmon and we were all pleased. However, I noticed they charged WAY TO MUCH to my credit card. Their accountant is calling me tomorrow morning. After dinner we went to see Spring Awakening - A New Musical. David and Aaron loved it. I was a bit disappointed but have learned to love the music. In fact, I'm listening to it right now. Can anyone believe DAVID was the one to purchase the cd? What have we done to her?

Today has been amazing. The three of us went shopping after breakfast and then went to find cheap tiks. They didn't have any Chorus Line tickets offered at a discount rate so Aaron and I were bummed. That is what we both wanted to see. So we discussed a few other options and decided on Grey Gardens. As we dig our wallets out to pay the 50% off price...the man behind the counter informed us that the lead was an understudy. WOW WOW WOWWWWW Grey Gardens was out.

So we took our chances at the Lottery happening about 30 minutes later at the Chorus Line theater. Ms. Brost was confident as her cab driver told her she needed to play a lottery while she was here....he knew she was feeling lucky. David, Aaron and I all put in our names....i tried Tom's Elphaba chant but apparently that only works for Wicked tickets. 2nd to last name called????? Ms. Brost. I jumped up and down like a little girl and made a fool of myself.

The show was AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!! And tomorrow????? Who knows? I'm hoping for Avenue Q. (I know...i've still not seen it) or maybe Grey Gardens is playing? *fingers crossed* Hairspray? God I'd love to live here for a few months!



Alright...so cell phone companies have the tendancy to piss me off. I think I've expressed that in some of my past entries. However, I have been very content with T-Mobile. The service is FANTASTIC and they bill me correctly. That's really all I ask of a carrier. Give me a service that works and charge me what you say you're going to charge me.

Over the past month I have been noticing the T-Mobile MyFAVES promotion in a lot of print and tv ads. Basically with this plan you pick 5 numbers which you can then call an unlimited number of times for an unlimited amount of time per month. They can be land lines or even non Tmobile numbers. Pretty cool right? I would say that i use the majority of my minutes calling the same 5 numbers. However, as i rarely go over my minutes is there really a need for me to change plans? Why change if I'm happy? Of course THIS MONTH I GO OVER MY 1000 anytime minutes. Doh! So suddenly there is a need for a plan I already think is pretty cool.

Unfortunately, Tmobile has peev'd me for the first time in my 2 years of being with them. One would think you could simply switch your plans and call it a day. Oh no...that'd be too easy. In order to be in this promo....you not only need to switch plans....you need to have a MYFAVES phone. WHAT???????? A MyFAVES phone???? They know who i'm calling with the cheap ass phone that i have learned to LOVE. By requiring me to purchase a new phone....i then get stuck spending an assload of money on a new phone....or I get suckered into signing a new contract. NO MA'AM. My biggest pet peev about cell phone companies....the dreaded contract. I have a hard enough time commiting to a man....now you want me to commit to another 2 years with your service? Not going to happen...especially since I know that the iPhone is being released in a few short months and it will not be offered with tMobile. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. MYnervaFAVES!


To My 3 Favorite Chicks!!

As much as I love country music, I despise the Country Music Industry. The CMA awards were announced and presented just a few months ago and somehow the Dixie Chicks managed to be nominated for...well, nothing. The chicks have managed to piss off the industry over the years by standing up for themselves, by writing music THEY feel passionate about, by protecting their asses by creating their own record label and finally by choosing to use their freedom of speech to express how they feel about the cocksucker we have running our country. So apparently, in the country music industry individualism is frowned upon.

Having owned their latest album, Taking The Long Way, since the day it was released, I was dumbfounded that the industry choose to ignore this record. I am looking at the various categories and the stuff nominated shouldn't even stand a chance against this album. Ok fine...let's just say I'm biased (I am) and the album is really not that good. They weren't even nominated for Vocal Group of the Year? I'm sorry Allison Krauss & The Union Station....I like your music but you suck balls next to this album. And who is Little Big Town?

Well the Dixie Chicks got to say a big "Fuck You" to the Country Music Industry earlier this week as they were the big winners at the Grammy's taking home all of the top honors with a total of FIVE GRAMMY'S! Yes...Record, Song and Album of the year.

With that said please watch the trailer to the movie Shut Up & Sing. I believe it's coming out on DVD on Feb. 20th. Enjoy!

This commercial was banned from television. (What kind of fucked up country do we live in?)


Happy Valentines Day!

What a beautiful day it has been. I polished off a pot of coffee while watching a peaceful fall of Lake Effect snow. The sun and a bright blue sky were to follow. With the bitter cold weather we've experienced here in Chicago these past few weeks it was nice to have a big snow fall followed by a moderate day and bright sunny skies. While I'm not a huge fan of winter, I'm always a sucker for a big snow fall. If it's going to be cold out, it might as well be beautiful. Now let's just hope spring is right around the corner.

Today is Valentine's Day. Typically a day i have a hard time enjoying. In the 28 years I've been around, I can only remember one Valentine's Day I've been able to share with someone. I've been fortunate enough to have already celebrated a wonderful time this year. I spent the past two days in a friends Lake House on the border of Michigan and Indiana with my special someone. Me, Him, The Wilderness, a Fire...nothing to distract us but each other. We had an amazing time. And now, as i get ready to go serve romantic dinners to couples of all kinds....i can do so without the normal bitterness I usually possess on this Halmark Holiday.

Happy Valentine's to anyone reading this!


A Tribute to....MINERVA!!!!

Minerva, the Roman goddess of crafts and wisdom. The name "Minerva" is likely imported from the Etruscans who called her Menrva. The Romans would have easily confused her foreign name with their word mens meaning "mind" since one of her aspects as goddess pertained not only to war but also to the intellectual. Minerva was the daughter of Jupiter and Metis. She was considered to be the virgin goddess of warriors, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, crafts, and the inventor of music. As Minerva Medica, she was the goddess of medicine and doctors. Adapting Greek myths about Athena, Romans said that Minerva was not born in the usual way, but rather Jupiter had a horrible headache and Vulcan opened up his head and out came Minerva dressed in armor and holding a shield; this image has captivated Western writers and artists through the ages.