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Long Overdue

Where do I begin? It’s been way to long since my last posting. I’m not sure what happened. I guess I just fell out of habit. There have been many times when I said “self, you need to include that in your blog” only to let time and the idea slip away. Here I am. Ready to write…with nothing to say. Kinda figures eh?

I am currently sitting on the floor in the international terminal of the o’hare airport waiting for my flight to board. It’s 4:57pm. My flight was supposed to take off at 5:05pm. The board currently reads U5 602 5:45PM St. Petersburg At 5:45p. Kinda makes it look like it’s a 5:45PM flight that is ON TIME. Not so much. But I’m not bitter. Ok, maybe just a little.

For some reason, my mood has plummeted since boarding the train for O’Hare. Perhaps it’s the DARK DARK skies and the massive amounts of wetness. I know what you are thinking….Steve is complaining about something being DARK DARK and WET? And yes….you are right. This is a first.

But I am slowly turning my frown up-side-down. J I’ve got my ipod jammin’ some Ana Carolina in my ears. I have no idea what she is saying as it’s in Portuguese but it’s soothing none-the-less.

I am concerned. This is officially going down as the most boring blog entry yet.

THIS WEEKEND: I am headed to Tampa Bay for a softball tournament. Ms. Brost and I are playing with the Philadelphia Woodys yet again. An amazing weekend is ahead of us. First the first time ever…the forecast calls for SUNNY SKIES!!!! I am still in disbelieve…especially since it’s thunder storming in the skies I see….and apparently the water is turning to ice on the ground. That 80-degree weather couldn’t sound any more appealing. I think this calls for a Tammy style “Da-LISH.”

Oh yeah….And who wants to know why my sleeve has been rolled up? I somehow managed to jack up my arm/shoulder/triceps a few weeks ago….and JUST IN TIME for the softball tournament. Oh yeah…it’s my throwing arm baby! It’s going to make those throws from short to first awfully fun. I’m not quite sure how paintful it’s really going to be as I’ve been resting my arm in hopes of it being back to normal by this weekend. Normal is not going to happen. But I “think” I should be able to play.

Anyway, in addition to the ice, heat and medication….i have been using this stuff called Tiger Balm. If you haven’t heard of it….think of Ben Gay….and multiply the feeling you get when you use that by 756,000. That is Tiger Balm. It’s quite helpful on the pain relief. But has an incredibly potent scent and stains your clothing. So for the last week or so I’ve had my sleeve rolled up at work. Some thought I was sportin’ a new look, some thought I was showing off my slightly larger muscles and others didn’t think anything differently….just a simple “he’s crazy.”

Eu sou muito louco.