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My favorite pic of us.

So a woman was walking by the Basil Hayden booth that Jordan and I were working with a big camera and you know we did what any girl would do. WE POSED. I love us. And I love her even more for sending it to us.


Basil Hayden Buzz

I forgot to get a team pic...next week!

Wow. Yesterday was opening day for the summer softball league and I must say it was by far the best opening day our team has had in it's 5 years together. Our first game was against Jackhammer. I knew they had just returned from a tournament so I was a little worried they were going to hand it to us. (Usually following a tournament teams are red-hot). It was a good game. Apparently we showed up to play as we hit well and fielded well and managed to win by 10.

Next was the B team - Spin Cougars. Not sure how everyone else felt but I was a little "eh" about having to play the B team. It's no fun. They are all really good and typically slaughter us in minimal innings. I just told everyone to go out and have some fun and to not get discouraged when they score runs...because they will. We just have to score them back and play the best defense we can. To my surprise we beat them the first few innings and had a significant lead halfway through the game. We were all very aware of this and ready to fight for this game. We did lose our lead going towards the end of the game and went into the bottom of the last inning down by 4. We huddled together and I asked if everyone wanted it. This is the only time we've been this close to a win against these guys and if we want it we're going to do it now. Everyone was fired up and ready to fight. We broke and the magic happened. Ok, i know i'm being a little cheesy but it just felt really good to watch the team fight so hard for the win. Every single one of us wanted to bat and came through under pressure. We won the game by one run and all celebrated together like we just won the championship game of a tournament.

You can't ask for a better opening day. Basil Hayden -- Get Buzzed!

Jordan's Visit

I thought about actually writing a blog about Jordan's quick visit but the above pic pretty much sums it all up. Thanks for a great time Jordan! I heart you!


Summer of FUNner

I received a call from Ms. Brost this afternoon while sitting in the Seattle airport...he called with news. News that will help make the summer of 2008 The Summer of Funner. On August 24th several things are happening. First off, I turn the big 3-0. YIKES. Don't think I'm not milking the fact that I'm still in my 20's for the next 4 months. The second big thing happening that day is....the Backstreet Boys are playing Ravinia. So of course Aaron purchased 6 tickets. While part of me wants to throw a big party for the big day...It'd be rather cool to go see a boyband in the park on my 30th birthday with a bunch of teenage girls. It doesn't get more youthful than that!

Let's talk about the boys. I know they suck...which is exactly why I love them so much. They have to be pushing 40 and are still trying to be the BackStreet "boys"...you gotta love that. Their latest cd supposedly sucks....I just may have to make the purchase now in preparation of their concert. I will not be out-sung by a 13 year old girl. No ma'am. Also, the boys were just featured on the finale of Celebrity Apprentice. They were complete assholes! So I sorta want to hate on them but how can one pass up this opportunity? Maybe i'll hate for just a few more days and then forgive them. We'll see.

I'm babbling. I'm babbling because I'm on the longest flight known to man. Or perhaps just a 3-4 hour from Seattle to Chicago but it feels like the longest flight alive. My ass is chaffing to the seat and I have a headache from Mr. cologne that is sitting next to me. LESS IS MORE!!!! Ok...i'm done. LEAVE COMMENTS!!!


The fun continues...

In attempt to make this the funniest (yes i said funniest) summer to date, I went out and purchased a new bike. I have had many a bikes in my days and they always seem to come from Kmart or Target and weigh nearly 20lbs, except for that schwin 10-speed I won because my sister sold candy bars for me for my softball fund raiser. Anyway, I spent more than $69.99 on this bike and it is so worth it. It was fast, easy to ride and best of all....light. (yes, that was a HUGE factor in why I chose it) So my goal this summer is to ride more, drive less. While I do love taking the wrangler out, it's time to do less driving.

So back to the fun. I picked my new bike up at Kozy's after I finished work for the day and rode it to the lakefront, down to the shed aquarium and back home. Ms. Brost, as much as I loved running with you (I really did enjoy our runs) biking the lake is the way to go. You can sit and look at people. WHY WOULD YOU RUN IF YOU CAN SIT? So fun! I'm going back tomorrow!

Random Blog Comment of the year? My cat Winston keeps biting my nipple. WEIRDO.

The Summer of Fun has finally begun.

So yeah...it's official. While it doesn't really feel like Summer (let alone spring), the Summer of Fun has officially begun. I know many of you are asking yourself, "Wasn't 2007 the Summer of Fun?" It was SUPPOSED to be. It was fun, yes. But it wasn't the Summer "of" Fun. Arron and I started last summer off on the right foot when we darted off to Canada for a softball tournament in July. You see, that was our problem. The Summer of Fun requires a lot of planning. You can't just name a summer the one of fun in late June. So thanks to Ms. Ireland we have a list of things that would help make the summer of 2008, more fun than 2007. Perhaps we could call the summer of 2008 the summer of funner, but that'd be just stupid maybe "it's the summer of more fun" mmmnooope. I'll contemplate throwing my tee-shirt stating that 07 was indeed the summer of fun away because it's not...this summer is.

For those of you wondering what the hell the image above is. It the set list from Kyler England's Ravenswood Sessions performance Aaron and I attended to kick off the Summer of Fun. We seriously had the best time!!!! Thank you Trent (not sure if he ever reads this) for the invite...we could not have asked for a more perfect ending to the weekend. Oh yeah...she played my FAVORITE FAVORITE song as the encore. Not sure what she was planning on playing but I sorta begged her to play it as she walked back in front of the group. Hopefully I didn't take away someone else's favorite.

Put your seat belts on ladies. The fun has just begun!


Damn it!

So I'm sure most of you heard me talk badly about this song. I did the same thing with umbrella, ella ella, eh eh eh eh as well. And many more. I had listened to 4 minutes a good 7 times before i decided it wasn't for me. And then I saw the video. Suddenly I love the song. freaky freaky freaky freaky....madonna. Watch it...and love it!


I need your help!

First, please watch the above video. Do you all remember the Heinz 57 commercial I was in that Ian directed and filmed? Well...we didn't win. But there was a bunch of controversy following the contest as a bunch of people who TRIED to participate weren't able to. A co-worker of mine and her boyfriend created this video and were one of the video's that didn't get posted. THEY WERE PISSED. If you can remember how excited I was...you can imagine how disappointed they were. Hearing her tell me the story is so funny because I was in the same boat when we created the commercial. I would watch it daily as well as 1000's of the other horrible entries. I was obsessed.

And now I'm committing to vote for her entry every day until the day the contest ends. And if you have time right now, please follow this link and vote for her video. http://topthistv.com/vote.aspx They are the fourth one down on the left side. It's called "Now we can eat" She's the waitress that saves the day...you can't see her face but it's her. She is an incredible woman and is SO EXCITED to be a finalist. And she seriously loves ketchup more than she should. I forced her to eat "the king" at 530am while traveling home from Seattle last week and she was so grossed out by the food that she covered it in ketchup to put it down. The girl deserves your vote! DO IT NOW!