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United Airlines DC-10 Flight 232 crash

I was just sitting here thinking about the past. With the air and water show taking place right now in Chicago the loud noises i am hearing from all of these planes made me think of the plane that crashed in my hometown. It will be a day I'll never forget.

United Airlines DC-10 flight 232 crashed in Sioux City killing 112, but 184 on board survived. The plane lost all hydraulic systems over Iowa, and attempted crash landing. Miraculously, there were more survivals than casualties.


stevegcole.com Turns One!!!

So today is the day. "A Random Collection of Thoughts" has turned One Year Old. I was about to type that "I can't believe it has been a year already" but honestly, it's felt much longer. I was just sitting at David's the other night discussing this very same thing. It seems we are so quick to say that time flies. While i agree with this statement, these less than 3 years i have been in Chicago have gone by very slowly. I feel like Davey and I have been friends for years and years..and that i have lived in Chicago for a decade. I am the luckiest guy in the world to have the friends that I have in Chicago. And to think that making friends was one of the things I worried about most with leaving Nashville. I was terrified I was going to be lost in a city of this size. It's kinda funny to think about in retrospect. I seldom walk down the street without bumping into someone I know. It makes me think I was meant to be here. I have been thinking about that a lot these past few days. My mother booked a flight this week and is coming to visit me in September. I am so excited for her to see my apartment, the city i live in, my nieghborhood and most importantly to see two of the most special people in my life. My sisters. It is very important to me that my mother knows I am happy. She's good at worrying. Isn't that what mom's do best? Fortunately, I feel confident that by just meeting Cook-a-reta and Betty...she will find comfort i knowing that I've got a little family of my own in the city that has been so good to me.