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A Very Brady Anniversary

So I am a little late on this posting as I was busy this past weekend making the Elaine video, celebrating Halloween with my bestest of friends and then attending a world wide boxing tournament with James. It was REALLY COOL as i'd never seen live boxing but in addition, James got us seats on the floor directly below the rings. We were inches away from the sweat landing on us. MOOOAH YEAH!!! Thank you James, Ian and the Brady kids for an anniversary I will never forget!

I have to admit, it's hard to believe that this past Friday was ONLY my 4 year anniversary of living in the great city of Chicago. I feel like I have been living here for 10 years. I have been so fortunate in my adventure to this city. I was blessed with meeting some amazing people upon my arrival whom have turned into lifelong friends. And the crazy thing is...I keep meeting more and more of these special people.

So here is to my fifth year in this wonderful city. I hope it is as amazing as the last four!


Dark Hair

For those of you who have only known me for the Chicago years....it may be a shocker for you to see me with dark hair. There is a little gray (grey if you're reading this from the U.K.) but nothing like I have now. Kinda weird to see eh? And it's good to see that I was just as crazy 7 years ago as I am now....actually I may have been a bit worse back then. Hope you enjoy.


Life is Good.

Just a quick post to let you all know that life is good. I hope to get back into the swing of blogging very soon. I just got a new laptop so I've been busy transferring everything over and getting things set up. It's kinda crazy how much work a new toy can be. I don't have all the applications I grew accustomed to...so stay tuned. When they finally arrive I have some cool things planned. Also the cold air is about to arrive which means much more time indoors and in front of the computer.

Much love.


Who Can We Blame This Year?

It only makes sense that the post after "The Chicago Cubs Make the Playoffs" is a post about how the Cubs YET AGAIN didn't make the World Series. Who are we to blame this year? No Steve Bartman? It seems we've always got an excuse to why we fell apart or there's mention of "the curse". It's pretty simple this year. There was no offense. In the pathetic three games the cubs played in the post season, there was only one inning I actually felt a spark in the cubs. ONE INNING. They were dead. Not once did I feel the team thought they could do it, in fact...i'm not sure they even wanted it.

So yet another year goes by for the Cubs and no World Series. It's been 99 years since their last win. Is 100 the big year? God Damnit I want to believe. I'm just not sure my heart can handle another let down. This is the first year in over 20 that I let myself not get excited on opening day. I lasted through June but they cubs proved worthy after the All-Star break. They WERE hot. But they didn't stay that way. They certainly didn't deserve a trip to the World Series with the way the played this post season. Nor did the Phillies. So now who do I route for? I could give a shit, quite honestly. I guess I'd like to see the Rockies go all the way as it's really amazing how HOT they are right now. I was always a Boston fan but I just don't have the love for that team like I used to. Are they the new Yankee's?

So whatever happens will happen. I'm not devoting any of my time to post season baseball. I'll most likely watch the series but as far as I am concerned. The 2007 season has already ened.