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Apartment for Rent

Ugh. Looking for apartments is NOT FUN. Sure, there is an excitement level in finding a cool place you can move into. But with the income I have...a NICE place is hard to come by. I was proud of myself for being flexible with location. While I love living in lakeview/wrigleyville, I knew I had to be open. I did find a couple of places in Central Lakeview (a bit north and west of where I live now) but both of the places I decided on ended up falling through. In my search, I found a LOT of shitholes. I didn't realize how nice the place I live in now really is. I am sad to be giving it up.

Let it be announced that on the 25th day of July, 2007 I have paid my deposit and first months rent on my new living space. For the first time in my life I will be living ALONE! I am surprised that at age 28, I have yet to have my own place. But I've always really enjoyed having a roommate and enjoy even more saving money on rent/utiltites.

Something tells me that most of you will find this funny. I will be living on N. RETA. Yes, RETA. Laugh it up y'all. Laugh it up. Ironic? Yes! But let the countdown begin. I will be getting a key on August 7th. T minus 13 days!!!! WooHoo!!

Signed with Love,
Rita Mae



From behind the bar...

This is officially my first blog from behind the bar at halsted's. I have been here for 2 hours and have made 2 dollars. Thank god jordan had his phone on him as it allowed the time to pass a little quicker as I had someone to converse with.

So for those of you who know me you know of me love for the reality tv show big brother. Season 8 started up last week and for the second time I was a semi-finalist. Obviously I did not make the show as I am writing this from behind a bar. This cast seems like a week one thus far....their "twist" is putting people in the house with enemies. But they only did the "enemies" with 3 groups of people...unless they introduce some more people to the house its a pretty stupid twist. Of course the two fags who hate each other are from chicago. They are lucky I don't know them or it would require me to be extra hateful.

Fortunately they have two hot guys to look at this year. One is nick, a former pro football player...the other mike....a hot hot dark featured white boy. if I were to pick a winner this far out....I would have to go with jameka. The only reason I am picking her is that it is too early to see everyones strategies and I think she is the bomb. I want mike to win but he is already being dominant and will have a hard time not being targeted early on.

Jen??? I loathe the bitch....she is hoh now and I can't wait for her to go home!!!!

Leave a comment with who YOU think will win. In a few weeks I will do it again!

I am going with jameka for a guess at week one.


Along came....

I admit...I give Ms. Quicksell a hard time about her Debbie Downer entries sometimes. And i'm starting to think that the reason I don't write as much as I'd like to is that I don't want to be writing about downer stuff all of the time. It gets hard. I feel comfortable saying that I am pretty lucky in life. I was born into a loving family, I'm healthy and I've got an amazing group of friends. And with all of that...it is still so hard to keep positive spirits all of the time.

I am having an extreamly rough day. I'm sad, I'm lazy, I'm broke and I'm just not happy with a lot of things in life right now. I could go into the deep dark details but instead, I am simply going to let out a big....WAAAAHHHH WAAAAAAAH. Today is my Debbie Downer day and I'm broadcasting it to the world. Ok, to the few people who actually log onto here from time to time.

There is really only one thing I HAVE to do....I have to get off my ass and make good things happen. It is the Summer of Fun Raaaight? I love you Debbie but I don't really have time for you this summer.

I'm off.


From 30,000 Feet.

Its been awhile since I have written from 30,000 feet, I had hoped to write an entry on friday morning on my journey to the hamptons but was going on 3 hours of sleep. Having boarding group A (yes, I am flying the dreaded southwest airlines) I quickly found a window seat towards the front of the plane and KNOCKED out.

So my trip to the hamptons was amazing!!! The group I traveled with was so cool. Often times traveling with a group can be dreadful. Not this time...everyone was laid back, good spirited and there to have a good time. And that we did. The hamptons were not exactly what I had expected. In my head it was going to be one of the most beautiful places in the U.S. That it was not. But there was definitely a ton of money in the city. We got to eat some really good food, see a lot of places and spend a lot of time on the beach. The club scene was ridiculous. We had bottle service at both clubs we went to and spent A LOT of money on these bottles. You would think you'd get more than a small coffee table for your table service.....raiiight? Wrong. And the drama of even getting through the doors was crazy. I am glad to have seen it but it is not for me.

My favorite part of the trip that I am bringing home with me??? The basil hayden mint julip from nick and tony's. The bartender showed me how to make it and I am quite excited to share this drink with everyone....so please....next time you come over ask me to make you one. They are amazingly good!!!!


2007 Toronto Cup Champions

My first post was from Toronto and less than 2 years later I was back. My goal was to visit another country before going back to Toronto but on the spur of the moment Aaron and I opted to be pick up players with the Jackhammer team. Boy are we glad we did. We had a FANTASTIC time. Stayed at a B&B and won the tournament. And met some AWESOME people...thanks jackhammer for letting us join you!