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What an adventure.

"I'm tired y'all." It's been one of of a trip. As most of you know I was fortunate enough to be sent to Copenhagen, Denmark for work. It was work but it was also an adventure. Talking to you about the work stuff isn't fun so just know that it went well and I did what I traveled there to do. Luckily I had two nights and one evening to explore the city. It was 2nd time traveling overseas and wow does jet lag smack you like a crack whore bitch at Sunday service. Ow.

Denmark was really cool to me. I had no idea what to expect. I did little research and just sorta showed up with a schedule of priorities for work. I had no "must see's" and didn't even know I would be lucky enough to be in a country that pretty much everyone spoke english. And not broken english...they spoke wonderful english for it being their second language. AND WHY CAN'T THE US GET THIS GOING? I met many wonderful people and also spent a lot of my free time on my own. I loved it. The cab rides I took for work were rather pricey because of the distance traveled so I opted to rent a bike from my hotel to explore the city on my off time. I know this sounds odd but for any of you who have been to Copenhagen...navigating the city on your bike is sort of the norm. They have road systems that parallel the streets and it's just REALLY FREAKING COOL! It was honestly the highlight of my trip. I felt so content navigating on a bike in a new country. A great feeling.

Forgive me as I am sleep deprived and sitting at the airport after being in Spain, Belgium and now Denmark all today on zero hours of sleep. No I wasn't doing crack in the bathroom with that crack whore I mentioned earlier...I have a 9 hour flight that boards in about an hour and I'm hoping me and Norma (version Blue Bippy) can sleep together the entire flight hopefully making time go by quickly and getting me back on U.S. time.

So Belgium and Spain huh? I told you it was an adventure. While in Europe I thought taking a few vacation days was a good idea. Sure, most of us take vacation days to "relax" and visit family, friends and/or new places. I wouldn't use the word relax when describing my trip to Madrid. My flight was late arriving in Madrid as there was a plane crash killing over 150 people at the airport I was traveling to. As this accident happened while I was in the air...my flight was not canceled but delayed while in flight. They didn't tell us anything on board and upon arrival I started to realize something was up. As I received my luggage and stepped out of the secure area David was talking with the national news station here in Spain. For those who know David you know something is REALLY WRONG for this event to take place. Needless to say it was a sombre arrival but I arrived safely so I was thankful. What I didn't realized is that David had planned my entire life away and we were on a schedule that was now not being followed to the second. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately we didn't run fast enough as we ended up postponing plans with his friends and venturing out for food and drinks Eddie and Patsy style. Our waiter thought we were both INSANE as we ordered enough food for a table of 10 spainards (not joking) and devoured it all while pounding our vino. Keep in mind we drank an entire bottle of champagne in a hurry as a celebration of our reunion and a "predrink" if you will to our night. We managed to hit every bar in madrid while sightseeing in between stops and somehow made it home JUST before the sunrise. Y'all tired yet? One would think we'd forgo our plans on day two as we both woke up wasted at the crack of dawn for our "secret journey to an unknown city." Minerva is all i had to say that morning. I could have given a shit about Segovia. But David had pre-purchased train tickets and it had a set departure time. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not kidding....we ran up to the train full speed and the doors closed 30 seconds later) Thank God I was still wasted at this point and not hungover as it was already 100 degrees and I was in store for a severe headache that would last all day & night. Segovia was ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL. (Did i just say that?) It was filled with history and incredible architecture and stories. I have pictured above the entrance to the city which was used to carry water from the mountains to the city and was built by hand. (David will certainly correct me if this is not true so check the comments.) I also fell in love with the city cathedral which i'm also going to picture. GORGEOUS!!!!

I'm getting nervous about missing my flight so we now get the cliff notes story of the rest of my adventure. We stayed in on night two despite our plans to meet his friends again and to see the sunset. David felt bad but we both enjoyed the chill night...we watched ab fab and tried to drink 1 glass of wine. It was horrible...expensive...but horrible on a hangover. The final day was spent at the prado museum which was also incredibly impressive and enjoyable. Later we went sightseeing again and had lunch in a somewhat sketchy neighborhood. Afterwards we went home...david took a short nap....i ventured out to starbucks and was forced to speak spanish.....OMG I LOVED IT and we finally met his friends out for drinks....we stayed out until the last minute and I made it in perfect time to the airport which took me to Belgium earlier...now denmark....and soon to chicago.

I'm tired y'all.

No time to edit...i'll proof read later. RUNNNNN!!!!!!


This just in: Angel Soft Isn't Soft

After a week of being sick and using a plethora of hotel toilet paper. I am here to announce that Angel Soft is NOT soft. I'm just sayin'



So yeah...I QUIT. No more red meat for me until my trip to Brazil which is December 24th. Why am I doing this? I'm not quite sure. It's a number of reasons really. Cows are cute, i enjoy steaks and hamburgers too much and have been eating them too often, i'm turning 30 and my body isn't liking that I eat like a 18 year old and I WANT TO see if I can sacrifice something I love so much for so long. Ultimately I may even try to go vegetarian for a month or so later on down the road just to see if I can do it and if it affects the way I feel and operate.

So wish me luck! This is a HUGE thing for me and i'm going to really have to work not to fail. The picture above was my cajan ribeye from Morton's steakhouse last night. SO GOOD!!!!