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IMPORTANT: Yet Minerva.

I don't ask for much. But today, I'm asking for your help. I'm not asking for a donation. I'm not asking you to come to my event. And I'm not asking you to VOTE NO on Prop 8. (Although you should)

But what I am asking for is your help in the spread of Minerva. Not actually spreading minerva to people....but spreading the definition of the word.

After over a year of trying to get our definition of the word minerva on urban dictionary.com....we have finally succeeded. Well, technically Jordan succeeded but that is beside the point.

PLEASE HELP ME by clicking this link below and voting THUMBS UP for the definition of "our" Minerva below. And please use the word...you'll thank me later.

DISCLAIMER: This website contains some foul language and may not be suitable for viewing in all places.


When someone or something gets "on your nerves". Often used to indicate an extreme dislike or distaste for the subject.

May be shortened in slang by saying 'nerva. Same usage applies.
I don't feel like going to class today, school is Minerva.


Haunted House

It was a good night. A group of my friends decided to set up an adventure into the suburbs to visit a haunted house. I couldn't tell you the last time I went to one. I had a great time. It was good to catch up with everyone and I'll be honest and say I was pretty uncomfortable through the entire "house". I wasn't ever scared...but i'm a jumper...and there were a lot of jump out and scare you moments. My favorite part was crossing a bridge that appeared to be spinning...it was a trip!


Wow!!!!! You HAVE to watch this.

I couldn't tell you the last time a video impressed me this much on the first view. I had no idea Beyonce had a new song OR video. I just saw and heard this for the first time tonight and am out of breath from dancing around my house to it. WOW. This is Get Me Bodied x 4. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Bad news....It won't let me post it. Youtube Beyonce - Single Ladies. You'll be happy you did.


Life is Good

I think it's easier to write when you're angry, pee'ved, elated, sad, shocked or concerned. I'm just good. Work slowed down a "bit", giving me a little extra me time. And that is exactly what I'm doing with my free time. Using it for me. I love my job and I love my friends. But I'm quick to over commit myself to both. I've made a conscious effort to do a few things for myself these next few months. I'm dedicating a minimum of 1 hour a day on studying portugues and i'm taking care of my health by spending a little extra time in the kitchen and at the gym. Nothing major...just an effort.

That's all i got. I'm in a good place and looking forward to where I'm going.

Life is good y'all.


They did it AGAIN.

I hate to be bitter betty or debbie downer but that just sucked. Why do I waste 3/4 of a year on this? I guess I truly love the cubs and believe they can break this curse and win it all. When do you give up?

I know my answer. Never.

So I hurt. So I'm disappointed. I'll get over it. The Cubs will still be there next year and they will still give it their best shot. And I'll be damned if I'm not around to see it!

Next year!

Just in case any of you haven't seen this.


A Time of Change...usually

September almost always enters my life at a time of change. Typically unsolicited and on a large scale when compared to the rest of the months of the year. Change is good, I'm certain of this. However, it is not always something I easily welcome.

i was driving on Lake Shore Drive this afternoon and started thinking about where I am in life...both on a grand scale and on a current state. It's been nearly 5 years since I made the move from Nashville to Chicago. It feels like 10. Wow has my life changed. Sure, I'm still the same crazy Steve i have always been...but I'm in a much more stable place. Bills are paid on time, things run on a schedule and my life makes a little more sense. i'll be the first to admit, I'm still lost but I feel good about the path I'm taking. I'm living and I'm learning. i have a little family of my own including both Winston & Riley and well as the friends that are so special in my life., And who would have thought? For the first time ever...I'm living alone. Life is good.

So here I sit on this first day of Fall. There are some big changes going on around me, but I however, am feeling very constant. And I am happy about that.


My prediction

Quoted from stevegcole.com on July 31, 2008: "I'm addicted. I've only seen 1 weeks worth of the show but I'll make my prediction today so it's in writing. I'm picking you Dan. Don't let me down!" He didn't let me down. Dan is the winner of Big Brother 10 and well deserving of this title. I'm CRAZY JEALOUS he got to experience the game the way he did and look forward to one day having the opportunity myself.

Sorry for the short post. MUST SLEEP.

Conference Call

Another fun day with Ian.


It Doesn't Hurt to Ask

OMG!!! MinervaFree day has turned into a wonderful day! Ms. Brost had purchased me an Alanis Morissette ticket for October 2nd but i thought I couldn't go because of a prior work event. As it's the only time I can see her on this year's tour...I called "just to see" THANK GOD I DID! I'm on cloud nine right now. She is a God to me...and I already know that i'm going to be an emotional little girl when she's performing.

Thank you Erika for letting me have the night off...it means the world to me!

And THANK YOU MS. BROST!!! I cannot wait!!!!!!

PS - how beautiful is she???

The Minerva-lines Series: Part One - Elbow Etiquette

Where do I begin? I'm thinking this may be the start of a series. I have been lacking on blog updates lately and yesterday's flight got me a little riled up. As you probably know, my job has me on a plane a few times a week or more. Most think this is a huge advantage in a job but these folks have obviously never traveled full time for work. It takes A LOT out of you. Sure, getting to see the world is AWESOME. But honestly, I often don't get to see much more than a convention center, bar and hotel in each of the cities I visit. Maybe if I had a few days in each city this would be a different story. But i'm not that lucky. i'm traveling to work...the play is squeezed in when I have the extra hours and energy.

So let's get to the topic at hand. Elbow Etiquette. I'm sitting in first class at the moment so I'm content on the amount of space I have to myself right now. But yesterday was another story. I was on a small plane, in the window seat, next to a man that smelled like a bloody vagina and he felt that MY space was also his. I'm refraining from going more into detail about this particular subject as today is MinervaFree day and my blood pressure just raised dramatically with the intro of this paragraph.

The elbow rest. It's built for one. One person or one couple. NOT two complete strangers. Sure it's possible to share but it's very difficult to do so without touching the stranger next to you. And unless it's a muscular and masculine man, I have no desire to do such an act. So if only one person's arm can comfortably possess the arm rest, how do you determine who get's that so called pleasure? Is it the first person sitting in the row? the first person to occupy the rest? Or is a discussion needed to work out arm rest "shifts"?

I'm not sure about all of you but the idea of talking to my neighbor is already making me minerva and we can't have that on MinervaFree Day. What do I typically do? I typically take the window seat and mind my own space leaving the arm rest up for grabs. If i need the room and it's available i'll go for the arm placement but even-still I'll just throw my elbow in the bottom corner leaving the remainder of the rest open for my anonymous neighbor. This is the courteous way to handle the situation no? Well there are definite characters who think they own this part of the aircraft. You can guarantee a man in a suit is going to over-claim his portion of the rest and I'm here to put an end to this!!! I have sat quiet too long. I plan on reclaiming the arm rest one flight at a time and I need your help. I'm not sure how we're going to accomplish this but it starts with awareness. So please comment and speak up about this topic. Also, if you have other airline or travel annoyances...please leave them in the comment section. I have a few ideas saved up for the minerva-lines series and plan on sharing them in my next few posts.

Perhaps I can even take a hidden video on a future flight???

Stay Tuned.


New Hampshire

First off, sorry about the lack of bloggin' from my end. It's been a rough couple of weeks with work. I'm not complaining. I still love my job and honestly I feel pretty lucky to be employed right now. I'm starting to know way to many people who have been laid off in the recent months.

So here I am in Manchester, NH. I am up here for a Great Whisk(e)y Debate for work. As I'd prefer not to talk about work all the time...the event went well and gathered some good press. And I was up here for more than 12 hours so I was actually able to relax a little bit yesterday for the first time in a long time. I had no idea what to expect of New Hampshire. Honestly I didn't even know where it was. I new it was in the Northeast, but I didn't know how far North it was. The state is beautiful. I'd give anything to be able to come back in a few weeks when the leaves are all changing as I can only imagine it's absolutely gorgeous.

I'm not sure what else to post. Work has taken over my life for the month of September and I'm just counting down the days until Ms. Brost and I venture off to Brazil. December suddenly doesn't seem so far off. We're going to Rio de Janeiro and Buzios over Christmas and New Years. It's going to be AMAZING! And what better gal to travel with than my big sis?

For those of you in town this weekend. I'm actually flying in Saturday morning and will be at the CMSA awards party from 4-7pm. Hope to catch up with everyone there! (thanks Aaron for not letting me space it....i had completely forgotten.)


What an adventure.

"I'm tired y'all." It's been one of of a trip. As most of you know I was fortunate enough to be sent to Copenhagen, Denmark for work. It was work but it was also an adventure. Talking to you about the work stuff isn't fun so just know that it went well and I did what I traveled there to do. Luckily I had two nights and one evening to explore the city. It was 2nd time traveling overseas and wow does jet lag smack you like a crack whore bitch at Sunday service. Ow.

Denmark was really cool to me. I had no idea what to expect. I did little research and just sorta showed up with a schedule of priorities for work. I had no "must see's" and didn't even know I would be lucky enough to be in a country that pretty much everyone spoke english. And not broken english...they spoke wonderful english for it being their second language. AND WHY CAN'T THE US GET THIS GOING? I met many wonderful people and also spent a lot of my free time on my own. I loved it. The cab rides I took for work were rather pricey because of the distance traveled so I opted to rent a bike from my hotel to explore the city on my off time. I know this sounds odd but for any of you who have been to Copenhagen...navigating the city on your bike is sort of the norm. They have road systems that parallel the streets and it's just REALLY FREAKING COOL! It was honestly the highlight of my trip. I felt so content navigating on a bike in a new country. A great feeling.

Forgive me as I am sleep deprived and sitting at the airport after being in Spain, Belgium and now Denmark all today on zero hours of sleep. No I wasn't doing crack in the bathroom with that crack whore I mentioned earlier...I have a 9 hour flight that boards in about an hour and I'm hoping me and Norma (version Blue Bippy) can sleep together the entire flight hopefully making time go by quickly and getting me back on U.S. time.

So Belgium and Spain huh? I told you it was an adventure. While in Europe I thought taking a few vacation days was a good idea. Sure, most of us take vacation days to "relax" and visit family, friends and/or new places. I wouldn't use the word relax when describing my trip to Madrid. My flight was late arriving in Madrid as there was a plane crash killing over 150 people at the airport I was traveling to. As this accident happened while I was in the air...my flight was not canceled but delayed while in flight. They didn't tell us anything on board and upon arrival I started to realize something was up. As I received my luggage and stepped out of the secure area David was talking with the national news station here in Spain. For those who know David you know something is REALLY WRONG for this event to take place. Needless to say it was a sombre arrival but I arrived safely so I was thankful. What I didn't realized is that David had planned my entire life away and we were on a schedule that was now not being followed to the second. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately we didn't run fast enough as we ended up postponing plans with his friends and venturing out for food and drinks Eddie and Patsy style. Our waiter thought we were both INSANE as we ordered enough food for a table of 10 spainards (not joking) and devoured it all while pounding our vino. Keep in mind we drank an entire bottle of champagne in a hurry as a celebration of our reunion and a "predrink" if you will to our night. We managed to hit every bar in madrid while sightseeing in between stops and somehow made it home JUST before the sunrise. Y'all tired yet? One would think we'd forgo our plans on day two as we both woke up wasted at the crack of dawn for our "secret journey to an unknown city." Minerva is all i had to say that morning. I could have given a shit about Segovia. But David had pre-purchased train tickets and it had a set departure time. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not kidding....we ran up to the train full speed and the doors closed 30 seconds later) Thank God I was still wasted at this point and not hungover as it was already 100 degrees and I was in store for a severe headache that would last all day & night. Segovia was ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTFUL. (Did i just say that?) It was filled with history and incredible architecture and stories. I have pictured above the entrance to the city which was used to carry water from the mountains to the city and was built by hand. (David will certainly correct me if this is not true so check the comments.) I also fell in love with the city cathedral which i'm also going to picture. GORGEOUS!!!!

I'm getting nervous about missing my flight so we now get the cliff notes story of the rest of my adventure. We stayed in on night two despite our plans to meet his friends again and to see the sunset. David felt bad but we both enjoyed the chill night...we watched ab fab and tried to drink 1 glass of wine. It was horrible...expensive...but horrible on a hangover. The final day was spent at the prado museum which was also incredibly impressive and enjoyable. Later we went sightseeing again and had lunch in a somewhat sketchy neighborhood. Afterwards we went home...david took a short nap....i ventured out to starbucks and was forced to speak spanish.....OMG I LOVED IT and we finally met his friends out for drinks....we stayed out until the last minute and I made it in perfect time to the airport which took me to Belgium earlier...now denmark....and soon to chicago.

I'm tired y'all.

No time to edit...i'll proof read later. RUNNNNN!!!!!!


This just in: Angel Soft Isn't Soft

After a week of being sick and using a plethora of hotel toilet paper. I am here to announce that Angel Soft is NOT soft. I'm just sayin'



So yeah...I QUIT. No more red meat for me until my trip to Brazil which is December 24th. Why am I doing this? I'm not quite sure. It's a number of reasons really. Cows are cute, i enjoy steaks and hamburgers too much and have been eating them too often, i'm turning 30 and my body isn't liking that I eat like a 18 year old and I WANT TO see if I can sacrifice something I love so much for so long. Ultimately I may even try to go vegetarian for a month or so later on down the road just to see if I can do it and if it affects the way I feel and operate.

So wish me luck! This is a HUGE thing for me and i'm going to really have to work not to fail. The picture above was my cajan ribeye from Morton's steakhouse last night. SO GOOD!!!!



Those of you who know me well know i'm a huge Big Brother fanatic. Huge is probably an understatement. Unfortunately, Big Brother 9 ruined the show for me. It was by far the worst cast and the twist of the producers pairing everyone as soul mates was BEYOND lame. It was so bad that I had NO DESIRE to watch Big Brother this season. I'm too busy traveling for work anyways. I'm addicted. I'll be honest about that. I put Big Brother in my tivo as a "just in case i have time" to check in. I'LL BE DAMNED!!! I'm addicted. I've only seen 1 weeks worth of the show but I'll make my prediction today so it's in writing. I'm picking you Dan. Don't let me down!


Minerva can't sleep

So i get hit with insomnia all the time. 99.9% of those times...I can't fall asleep or something causes me to wake up spuratically (apparently i don't know how to spell that word) that gets me anxious and I can't fall back asleep. So here I am at 5am Eastern wide awake and have been up doing various things for the past hour. Can we say minerva? the worst part is I have an 8am flight to LGA and then have to drive 2+ hours to the hamptons tonight for a Basil Hayden event. It's going to be a long night. Do y'all care? Mmmmnope. But I can't sleep...so i'm going to make you hear about it.


My luck just keeps getting worse.

This has been one hell of a trip. First I got trapped in an elevator in White Plains, NY and now this. Fortunately I had my camera today....although the elevator would have been classic as the folks started to panic! It was so funny! WHAT'S NEXT?

Stay tuned.



I didn't think people really got stuck in elevators. Sure I knew it's probably happened before but it seems to be only something that happens in the movies. Well just my luck I rushed to get on an elevator this morning as the door was closing only to be trapped on the elevator for over 20 minutes. I was stuck with 2 elderly women and two business men. It was kinda funny to me as we were trying to communicate with the help through the voicebox on the elevator and we couldn't understand each other. So what does the guy do on the elevator? SCREAM louder at her as if that is going to make us more understandable. I'd love to elaborate more but I don't want to be late for my event.

The picture above is of the white plains firemen who came to rescue us. HAHAHA

From White Plains, NY. ~Steve


Gym Twins

Long story short...Jordan and I showed up at the gym together in Southern California and were called out by the gym staff within minutes of entering the gym. "Did you guys plan that outfit?" We didn't. But funny. Here's the pic


What are the odds?

So I was walking down the streets of Brooklyn last week with Misael and was shocked to look up to what I have pictured above. SERIOUSLY? I noticed Pineapple Street first. As I lined up for a picture I noticed the store across the street. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Pineapple street and a store called Pea's and Pickles all in ONE CAMERA SHOT? Misa thought I was a freak but those of you who know me and my little quirks know this was a big deal. I had to share.


From Minervianapolis

Whew. I'm exhausted but well. This is just a quick post to update those who may be stopping by. Thanks for the goat votes. That was fun. It has remained and even needed a big trim yesterday. I'll keep it for the next couple of weeks as it's growing on me...literally. The picture above is a shot i took while in NYC of me and Misael. I was up there for a work event and instead of flying back Saturday morning I stayed and enjoyed the day in NYC. This was one of the few pictures I took and think it's pretty cool. Currently I'm in Indianapolis and have a 40 minute break. I now have 9 minutes left before my next training and then off to a bourbon dinner. I've been up since 4am as I had to drive here this morning. Tomorrow i'm off to bloomington, indiana and will be back to chicago on wed.

Please god let me make it!!! i'm so tired y'all!


Today is Vain Day

I'm being vain today and asking for opinions of my appearance. Yes...it's true. Today is vain day. So please help me in my decision by leaving comments and tell me....should the goat stay or go?

Ignore the jacked up one eye closed shot and focus on the hair please. BOKAY!

All voting ends at 930pm cst tonight.

I love vain day! Because I love me.


Camping with the boys. BOKAY!

So I realize this isn't the most appealing picture to post but I didn't bring my camera and I haven't stolen Aaron's pictures yet. And nearly 24 hours after returning home, I still can't stop itching all of my mosquito bites. I've been a camper my whole life (well up until I moved to chicago at least) and I don't remember ever being attacked so frequently after drowning myself in insect repellents. But i'm not going to complain. The bugs were the worst part of the trip but I can handle itching for a few days to have all the wonderful memories of this trip.

It was Aaron, Tom, Alan, Don, Rob and myself. Aaron and I arrived first and spent the 1st night alone. Day two momma and Baily arrived. And day 3 Rob, Alan, Don and Maya joined. So much happened i'm not even sure what to tell you. Perhaps I can sum it up with some one-liners below.

Alan has low hangers; Aaron & Steve were the bag champions; Rob & Aaron were somehow separated at birth; Don is the funniest Catch Phrase Clue Giver of All-Time; Bokay was the most used word of the weekend; BBC was the only channel that we could tune in from camp; Honey Brown is dalish; I love domino's; the weather couldn't have been better; Steve & Cherie live in Kenosha; I love the Pick & Save; "Sometimes it's not the poo it's the puddin' "


Sitting at 35k Feet

Wow. I'm not sure I can even introduce this but simply so you know the context of why I am posting this Jordan and I have a tradition of sending interesting emails to each other from the air. I have never laughed so hard in my entire life. First off, I had recorded a video to post of my adventure to Dallas...but NOTHING is worth replacing before this. Please read below.

So there I "sit", tapping my foot, thinking about happy things as the plane gently sways left to right under me. I'm in the back of the plane, at the lavatory that is in the middle of the crew area. I can hear the slight cackle of the ladies voices through the thin walls. I'm happy, enjoying my cheap coffee buzz. Then, without beeping, buzzing or any other warning; the toilet flushes. Now, I'm not sure if you've watched an airplane toilet flush recently, but essentially that ever to pleasantly smelling blue liquid goes swishing throughout the toilet at a rather high velocity. The lavatory engineers have aimed and adjusted these 'jets' of blue swishing liquid perfectly so that when the toilet lid is up, no blue liquid is lost as it all remains perfectly inside the toilet.......but what I don't think they though about, was what happens when it flushes and someone, particularly a 'larger' than normal man, is 'sitting' on the toilet.

I can honestly say, for a good 2-3 seconds, I thought my life was over. As the thirsty lavatory roared, it sounded like a 4th jet engine was beneath me all while a firehouse of blue liquid shot DIRECTLY at my man-hood. After it was over, I went immediately in the damage assessment mode. First, am I alive? Check. Is the plane still in the air? I believe so - check. ARE MY BALLS STILL ATTACHED? As I lean back to take a peak down south, what I saw will forever haunt me. It looked as if someone had thrown a smurf in a blender and then shot it at my genitalia in a rotating, swirling fashion. "OH MY GOD" was my first thought. My second thought, oddly enough, was me in court, suing Boeing and American Airlines. I saw myself in the witness stand, explaining what happened, talking in a very high pitched, squeaking voice.

After I came back to harsh reality, I migrated from damage assessment mode, to damage mitigation and clean up mode. (Thank you Nashville OEM for my emergency response training.) (Note: this is when I took the picture.)

Do I stand up? No, that would involve the spreading of blue slime around and possibly drip on to my brand new 2xist briefs (pretty.) I decide to grab some TP and then do the 'dab' and 'drop' maneuver (dab captain winkie and the fellas and then drop the TP in the toilet.) Let's think about this for a minute (because in my heightened state of emergency at 35k feet - I did not). This is not normal TP, nor is this normal toilet water. They are designed to do what? Oh that's right, disintegrate upon mixing.

So there I was, starting my dab-n-drop plan when during the first dabing maneuver, the TP turned to a glue like mixture almost immediately. "Damit" I yell (not realizing the close proximity of the cackling crew). It was at this point I realized that I would need to migrate in to phase 2 of my clean up plan, that included utilizing the cardboard like paper towels.

Trying to stand up in an airplane lavatory is hard enough. Doing so in such a fashion to keep "the boys" over the "hot zone" so that if dripping shall occur, it won't spread is nearly impossible. I figure these paper towels are rather absorbent, so it won't take but one or two good moppings to get the blue slime and now glue from my genetalia. I go in for wipe number one. Its a success. Now I am face with another challenge, as my left hand is gripping the handicap hand rail to support myself and my right hand is holding the smurf mop rag. I can't throw it in the bowl, as that may cause "external leaks". I decide its got to go across the lavatory in the waste bin. For the first time every, the lavatory seemed large; too large for me to reach from one side to the other. Then, as if the airplane knew I needed help, it shuddered and violently rocked left (forward to me as my back was to the right side of the aircraft.) This oddly appropriate jolting allowed my ass to stay 'seated' and my right hand to end up perfectly in the waste bin. With this forceful deposit in the waste bin, came a rather large thunking noise as my fist actually slammed in to the bin door. I feel confident anyone within 5ft of my lavatory heard this as it really was loud.

(Bing) "The Captain has turned on the seat belt sign, please ensure your seat belts are fastened low and tight across your lap." "Perfect timing" I thought to myself. I had completed mopping attempt number one, I think I only needed one more. As I am right in the middle of mopping (and feeling much better about the process having been through it once already)..... "Everything okay in there?" A concerned female voice asked from the other side of the lavatory door. "Yeah, I'm fine." I replied, trying to maintain composure.

I successfully completed the second and last mopping effort. The boys were clean and ready for holstering. I stood up, reinstalled my 2xist undies (pretty) and fixed my shirt. I was ready to return to my seat. I washed my hands (thankfully uneventful) and exited my smurf liquid shooting closet o'doom.

What I wasn't thinking about was that a) there was a line of people waiting to step right up and be the next victim of the auto flush and b) the flight attendants may have been concerned from my "damit" and loud thud. The old man that was next in line looked at me as if his diaper was overflowing and his ass was chaffed by the ass-acid sitting in his drawers. I held the door for him and considered saying something like "watch out for the auto flush" then decided, it wasn't my position and he would eventually figure it out. If a fit, young strapping jock like myself had such problems in there, I can only imagine how bad the nearly bed-ridden geratric had it.

After the door closed, and the partially cenile old man was safely in the wash box, the purser asked me to step in to the galley. "Was there something wrong with the lavatory?" Immediately, in a commercial like fashion, I had a mental flashback of the prior 20 minutes of my life. I am not sure what the look on my face said, but as I think about what to tell her, she said again "oh, well nevermind. Just let me know if there is anything I need to know about." I nodded, with a smerk and said "okay."

I returned to my seat and started typing. (Sigh).

Final thought: Innovation is a great thing. Who ever thought of the automatic courtesy flush in an airplane lavatory was a genius. Whoever designed and aimed the blue flushing liquid needs to be hung (most likely a woman, or an asian man.)

Love ya!



Alanis, I love you!

She did it again. Girl knows how to move me. Her album was released at the most perfect time in my life. Call me a weirdo (as I am) but I feel connected to this woman in some way. For those of you who know me well, you know I am obsessed with her. She has a way with words. Unfortunately, I do not right now. Is it just me or am I writing in little bits? Minerva.
Fuck I love her. And unfortunately, she doesn't get the credit she deserves after releasing one of the biggest albums of all time. So give this cd a listen. OMG I WANT TO MARRY YOU ALANIS!!! No more writing for me....i can't concentrate when she's on. Much love! ~Steve


Basil Hayden Buzz

While the picture of James and I is very cute...this was the photo that i wanted to be on the front of the "It's Basil Bitch" slideshow. Here's to taking 1st place in the c2 division of the North Star Classic in Minneapolis. Way to go guys!


Usher - What's Your Name

I've always been an Usher fan. From day one. I had no idea what to expect from his new cd as I had mixed feelings about the first single and heard nothing about the cd. It was released today and I bought it on itunes. I ran a bath and turned it on. When I got to track 6 I realized I was dancing in the bathtub. I got in the bathtub to try and stretch my legs and relax so I could get to bed early. Back to track 6. What's Your Name feat. Will I Am. I'm not sure if it's the worst song ever written and I should be embarrassed to be admitting this or the BEST SONG EVER!!!! It's so boyband/80's/tecno/r&b/rap/bubblegum/reggae/everything. I am on listen #3 and I'm eating it up!!!!!! Please give it a listen and leave a comment. It's worth 99cents!


My 200th Post

While I don't pride myself on posting regularly, i'm proud to be making my 200th post today. Perhaps I should be making a special post for the milestone but instead you're getting what I give you...some useless knowledge of what's going on in my life. You'll get some special posts in the future. With the title of my blog being a random collection of thoughts it only makes sense to keep things coming at you randomly.

So why is there a picture of me being a fool in San Fran posted above? Because I just had an awesome trip to San Fran. I went for work but have some very close friends there so I stayed an extra night. My work event was awesome. I was there for an event called Bourbon & Bacon. Kinda sounds scary right? Basically it was a 5 course meal served with 5 unique cocktails from our portfolio. It was DA-LISH! I spent my time going from table to table and talking to folks about our brands and about whiskey in general. As the event came to an end I told a co-worker of mine that I would meet him at a speakeasy called Bourbon & Branch. But I was going to make a 30 minute visit to my friend Lonnie's on the way. For those of you who reember Lonnie he was a good friend I met when I first moved to Chicago. He was on my softball team and he and I played tennis together as well. He had a 6am flight so I wasn't able to get him to join us out. I saw his new place...talked for a good 20 minutes and then was off to the speakeasy. My cab driver was really sweet as he expressed concern with me getting out of the cab in the lower tenderloin district. He asked where I was going and didn't know the place and there was no sign on the door as it was a buzzer on a wall and you were required to know the password to get in. The place was awesome...the bartenders were knowledgeable and they had a great drink list with a million whiskeys to choose from. I chose to stick with our brands as I was all dressed up in small batch get-up. A great time.

Later that night I took off to the Castro. I was unimpressed. Gay bars bore me...I want so badly to love them but they are the same in every city. I pretty much sat and drank alone while watching video's at the first bar and then made my way down to a hip hop club where I was able to get my groove on for awhile. I had a good time dancing until it got overcrowded with obnoxiously drink people. It was time for me to go home. As I made my way to find a cab I changed my mind and decided to go find pizza in the castro. I grabbed a slice and went out onto the street to eat it. This is where the night started for me. I'm not sure if it was the gay married thing or just the energy in san francisco but everyone was so cool and friendly and i had a really good time just watching people and hanging out with the folks around me. I stayed in the street until close to 4am just talking. Something I'd probably be arrested for here in Chicago. The police were in the streets but they were not concerned with us "loitering".

The following evening I moved from my hotel to Livo & Tommy's. My old roommate and a guy I used to date. Their place was in twin peaks and overlooked the city and bay. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. The three of us had an amazing time. We were very relaxed and just talked and caught up. We later made our way into Noe Valley (i think that's what it was called) to grab some coffee, a drink, some wine and some groceries so we could cook and play cards.

The next morning i flew home. I have always loved San Fran but for some reason this trip really made me want to live there. I've said it for years....San Fran is one of the few cities I could see myself living in when I'm old. I'm changing that to oldER. Perhaps it'll be sooner than I thought...I've got a few years to figure it out.


Making Light of a Shitty Weekend

I was looking SO FORWARD to playing softball this weekend. All week long the forcast said heavy rain on Sunday. I refused to believe it. Well sure enough it rained. Actually, it poured for hours and hours. Not a chance in hell for softball. So the weekend was a drag. But I did manage to make the most of it. I did something for the first time which is always fun. I rode my bike 25 miles. I took off from my neighborhood and biked down to Hyde Park. I was on a roll and wanted to go further but knew I had to bike the same distance back home. An awesome time. Shortly after coming back home Ms. Henin challenged me to a tennis match. Perhaps a little stupid to go play tennis for 3 hours after a ride of that length but I went. And won 64 46 62. She has dominated me since day one so it feels good to beat her.

And the best part of the entire weekend? I finally booked my trip to Brazil. AND Aaron booked his as well so it's official. We are traveling to Rio De Janeiro from December 23, 2008 until Jan 3, 2009. Which means we'll be spending both Christmas and New Years in Brazil. We are going to have the time of our lives! And I have something to look forward to all year long.

In other news for those of you with whom I haven't talked to in some time. The job is going really well. I'm feeling pretty confident and on my feet and it's keeping me very busy. I have a huge event tomorrow night at Kellogg and am anxious to get it under my belt. Traveling to San Fran next week for an event...and then get a week in Chicago. If I can schedule this surgery for early next week (i'm not talking about it as it's debbie downer) I am going to attempt to get down to Indianapolis for a little work. Stay tuned.


Hillary's Downfall

It's not very often I post videos on my site other than my own but this is too fantastic not to share. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


My favorite pic of us.

So a woman was walking by the Basil Hayden booth that Jordan and I were working with a big camera and you know we did what any girl would do. WE POSED. I love us. And I love her even more for sending it to us.


Basil Hayden Buzz

I forgot to get a team pic...next week!

Wow. Yesterday was opening day for the summer softball league and I must say it was by far the best opening day our team has had in it's 5 years together. Our first game was against Jackhammer. I knew they had just returned from a tournament so I was a little worried they were going to hand it to us. (Usually following a tournament teams are red-hot). It was a good game. Apparently we showed up to play as we hit well and fielded well and managed to win by 10.

Next was the B team - Spin Cougars. Not sure how everyone else felt but I was a little "eh" about having to play the B team. It's no fun. They are all really good and typically slaughter us in minimal innings. I just told everyone to go out and have some fun and to not get discouraged when they score runs...because they will. We just have to score them back and play the best defense we can. To my surprise we beat them the first few innings and had a significant lead halfway through the game. We were all very aware of this and ready to fight for this game. We did lose our lead going towards the end of the game and went into the bottom of the last inning down by 4. We huddled together and I asked if everyone wanted it. This is the only time we've been this close to a win against these guys and if we want it we're going to do it now. Everyone was fired up and ready to fight. We broke and the magic happened. Ok, i know i'm being a little cheesy but it just felt really good to watch the team fight so hard for the win. Every single one of us wanted to bat and came through under pressure. We won the game by one run and all celebrated together like we just won the championship game of a tournament.

You can't ask for a better opening day. Basil Hayden -- Get Buzzed!

Jordan's Visit

I thought about actually writing a blog about Jordan's quick visit but the above pic pretty much sums it all up. Thanks for a great time Jordan! I heart you!


Summer of FUNner

I received a call from Ms. Brost this afternoon while sitting in the Seattle airport...he called with news. News that will help make the summer of 2008 The Summer of Funner. On August 24th several things are happening. First off, I turn the big 3-0. YIKES. Don't think I'm not milking the fact that I'm still in my 20's for the next 4 months. The second big thing happening that day is....the Backstreet Boys are playing Ravinia. So of course Aaron purchased 6 tickets. While part of me wants to throw a big party for the big day...It'd be rather cool to go see a boyband in the park on my 30th birthday with a bunch of teenage girls. It doesn't get more youthful than that!

Let's talk about the boys. I know they suck...which is exactly why I love them so much. They have to be pushing 40 and are still trying to be the BackStreet "boys"...you gotta love that. Their latest cd supposedly sucks....I just may have to make the purchase now in preparation of their concert. I will not be out-sung by a 13 year old girl. No ma'am. Also, the boys were just featured on the finale of Celebrity Apprentice. They were complete assholes! So I sorta want to hate on them but how can one pass up this opportunity? Maybe i'll hate for just a few more days and then forgive them. We'll see.

I'm babbling. I'm babbling because I'm on the longest flight known to man. Or perhaps just a 3-4 hour from Seattle to Chicago but it feels like the longest flight alive. My ass is chaffing to the seat and I have a headache from Mr. cologne that is sitting next to me. LESS IS MORE!!!! Ok...i'm done. LEAVE COMMENTS!!!


The fun continues...

In attempt to make this the funniest (yes i said funniest) summer to date, I went out and purchased a new bike. I have had many a bikes in my days and they always seem to come from Kmart or Target and weigh nearly 20lbs, except for that schwin 10-speed I won because my sister sold candy bars for me for my softball fund raiser. Anyway, I spent more than $69.99 on this bike and it is so worth it. It was fast, easy to ride and best of all....light. (yes, that was a HUGE factor in why I chose it) So my goal this summer is to ride more, drive less. While I do love taking the wrangler out, it's time to do less driving.

So back to the fun. I picked my new bike up at Kozy's after I finished work for the day and rode it to the lakefront, down to the shed aquarium and back home. Ms. Brost, as much as I loved running with you (I really did enjoy our runs) biking the lake is the way to go. You can sit and look at people. WHY WOULD YOU RUN IF YOU CAN SIT? So fun! I'm going back tomorrow!

Random Blog Comment of the year? My cat Winston keeps biting my nipple. WEIRDO.

The Summer of Fun has finally begun.

So yeah...it's official. While it doesn't really feel like Summer (let alone spring), the Summer of Fun has officially begun. I know many of you are asking yourself, "Wasn't 2007 the Summer of Fun?" It was SUPPOSED to be. It was fun, yes. But it wasn't the Summer "of" Fun. Arron and I started last summer off on the right foot when we darted off to Canada for a softball tournament in July. You see, that was our problem. The Summer of Fun requires a lot of planning. You can't just name a summer the one of fun in late June. So thanks to Ms. Ireland we have a list of things that would help make the summer of 2008, more fun than 2007. Perhaps we could call the summer of 2008 the summer of funner, but that'd be just stupid maybe "it's the summer of more fun" mmmnooope. I'll contemplate throwing my tee-shirt stating that 07 was indeed the summer of fun away because it's not...this summer is.

For those of you wondering what the hell the image above is. It the set list from Kyler England's Ravenswood Sessions performance Aaron and I attended to kick off the Summer of Fun. We seriously had the best time!!!! Thank you Trent (not sure if he ever reads this) for the invite...we could not have asked for a more perfect ending to the weekend. Oh yeah...she played my FAVORITE FAVORITE song as the encore. Not sure what she was planning on playing but I sorta begged her to play it as she walked back in front of the group. Hopefully I didn't take away someone else's favorite.

Put your seat belts on ladies. The fun has just begun!


Damn it!

So I'm sure most of you heard me talk badly about this song. I did the same thing with umbrella, ella ella, eh eh eh eh as well. And many more. I had listened to 4 minutes a good 7 times before i decided it wasn't for me. And then I saw the video. Suddenly I love the song. freaky freaky freaky freaky....madonna. Watch it...and love it!


I need your help!

First, please watch the above video. Do you all remember the Heinz 57 commercial I was in that Ian directed and filmed? Well...we didn't win. But there was a bunch of controversy following the contest as a bunch of people who TRIED to participate weren't able to. A co-worker of mine and her boyfriend created this video and were one of the video's that didn't get posted. THEY WERE PISSED. If you can remember how excited I was...you can imagine how disappointed they were. Hearing her tell me the story is so funny because I was in the same boat when we created the commercial. I would watch it daily as well as 1000's of the other horrible entries. I was obsessed.

And now I'm committing to vote for her entry every day until the day the contest ends. And if you have time right now, please follow this link and vote for her video. http://topthistv.com/vote.aspx They are the fourth one down on the left side. It's called "Now we can eat" She's the waitress that saves the day...you can't see her face but it's her. She is an incredible woman and is SO EXCITED to be a finalist. And she seriously loves ketchup more than she should. I forced her to eat "the king" at 530am while traveling home from Seattle last week and she was so grossed out by the food that she covered it in ketchup to put it down. The girl deserves your vote! DO IT NOW!


Another day in nyc

So this past week and a half has been quite a journey. I was on a nine day tour of the east coast for work. My trip started out shadowing fellow whiskey professor david mays in d.c., virginia and philly. We split ways on tuesday and I made my way to the big apple for the voltany art show. Unfortunately, upon arrival I broke out in a fever which lasted two full days. It is now sunday and I'm almost feeling normal. Just in time to head back home in the morning. I think this means one thing. I must plan a personal trip to nyc. Its been over a year since my last broadway show and with here for work its shocking I havent stepped foot into a bar.

Things must change.


The Curse of the W

So i've decided the W in NYC is cursed. Actually all of them in NYC are cursed. The last time I stayed at a W in NYC I was sick as a dog. (what does that mean? sick as a dog?) I believe I was up here with Aaron and Tom...I just remember trying to go get coffee with them and then sweating non-stop the entire rest of the trip in bed.

Well not 30 minutes after I checked in this morning. My fever hit. Part of me thought I was just tired and the sweats were coincidental but the thermometer tells me differently. I went to the cheap tkts booth to purchase tickets to a show for tonight but couldn't force myself to wait in a line with the way I was feeling. I thought about going back down there later to see what I could get but I decided sleep was more important. Let's just hope I can make it through tomorrow.


New States!

Just a quick blog to say hello. I've been slacking A LOT lately and am trying to get myself back in the habit of posting. Especially since I'm going to be traveling more....it'll be a good way to keep everyone updated on what's going on.

Today's excitement? I got to color in two more states on my map. Maryland & Delaware. I took a train this morning from DC to philly. Good times. And now? I have 1 hour before I need to be somewhere....I think a 35 minute nap is in order.



Happy Easter Y'all

Yes, it's a repeat....but a goodie.

She ruined my Easter.

It appeared as though Jankovic was continuing her streak against Henin this afternoon as she broke out to a 5-1 lead in the first set. "I play my best tennis when my back is up against the wall," said Henin post match. "She was really playing well and I could not get my shots in, but I knew I would come back." Justine's rally comeback was to no surprise today as she has done it time and time again against her rival Jelena.

"She ruined my Easter," said Jankerz. "My whole family was there to see me when and I knew I had her when I started off so strongly. But you can never count Justine out, she's a fighter and showed that here today."

The two have no set matches but we hope to see them again soon.


Jankovic Finally Gets Past Henin

Jankovic would be unstoppable, if it weren't for Henin. Justine has simply had her number. "But it's a new year," states Jankerz as she prepares to take the court. "I won't be manhandled this year. I have watched her tapes and will make it my personal goal to take her spot at #1 in 2008.

"She just played better today." said Justine "The best player today won, but we will see who will be the best player on Sunday when we meet again."



So I haven't been blogging. I haven't wanted to. that's a lie...I have wanted to...i just haven't wanted to actually type it up. the typing part sucks. so i have many things i want to post. and many things i will. in time.

tonight i stumbled across an old vblog from the first week i lived in this apartment. it was fun for me to watch so i'm sharing it again with anyone who will watch.


Minerva Brother

This is the biggest load of crap Big Brother I have ever seen. I know I stated that I would pick MY winner of Big Brother 9. Unfortunately, this is the worst season ever. I'd rather watch the entire Donato family locked in a house. So the winner of this season is MY ASS. I'm done.

The only thing that will get be back to watching is if Janelle comes back. So if she makes a reappearance, someone let me know. Otherwise, I'm not wasting my time.

Shame on you CBS for letting such shit air. Hopefully you haven't ruined the show forever!

Minerva Brother


Lack of Posts

I've received a few emailed about my lack of postings. It's not that there's nothing going on in my life...it's just I haven't felt like putting things out there. Yes, I can write about useless things but even then...not really feeling it. I could write about my lack of sleep last night. And that what little sleep I did get was spent dreaming about toffee Bars. Anyone want to analyze that one for me? No, there is not a Heath in my life.

So the safe post. Big Brother 9. I picked Jameka to win Big Brother 8 after the first week. I believe she took 3rd place. I wasn't excited about the start of Big Brother 9 and had little expectations. After 2 episodes, I'm intrigued. I will pick and post my projected "winners" after Sundays episode. I can't help but think there is a huge twist that will be revealed a few weeks into the show. I was VERY excited about the first eviction. It was well deserved. As it's still early on eviction night....I won't say who it was. BUT I'm very happy.

I am claiming the following:
Matt: His Boston accent makes me Randy. He has dark features and would treat me like shit. What a dream boat!!!
Alex: He was a total tool in the "intros" but his lips make "MY lips" quiver moooooah yea
Ryan: What a beefy stud. "I do." (Aaron will try to fight me on this one but I have his claim email....he claimed Andy...who is that?)



The Good Ole Days.

A phrase that is so overused must have some validity. And the phrase that I am referring to is "ah, the good ole days." Life is cool in so many ways. It's amazing how much better it was when I was 22 yet how much worse it was at the same time. I remember being 24 and just praying 30 would arrive so I could be established. Well here I am just months away from 30 and while I may be a little more established, I'm definitely not there, and I'm not sure I'm much happier either. Would I go back to 24 if I could? ABSOLUTELY! I'm far wiser now than I was 5 years ago and would make many different choices but making those choices would only change my path and change who I am today. Whoa. I need to slow down. (I promise I only poured myself one glass of Sherry.)

Anyway, I spent about an hour tonight reading a "how to" book on editing film. I'm not sure I really learned anything as I don't have that gift of storing things I read. I was unfulfilled when I put the book down and started searching through unpacked boxes from Nashville. (over 4 years ago.) I found the box with my old gaming electronics and hooked up the Super Nintendo. I originally hooked up the Nintendo 64 but couldn't find the games to it. Doh. So the 16 bit system it was.

Man I miss being a kid. Games were so much cooler back then! Ok, they are so much cooler now but I'm 50 and can't figure them out. My 6 year old nephew whoops my ass when I go home for Christmas and it hurts me to no longer be the gamer I once was. "Ah, the good ole days." To only be that innocent again.


La Pasion de la Decision

This may seem a bit odd but this is a video that was created to help support the not-for-profit I am working for with Cricket. If you are not registered to vote please do so today! It's quick and easy. Please do so through this link to help me out. www.mycricket.com/declareyourself


TOM, AARON, TOMMY, BRANDY, BRADFORD, CONNIE, PAUL- Have you updated your addresses since your last move? It's painless via this website. DO IT NOW! I did.

Pass this link on to anyone who you know that may not be registered or that has moved recently.


Screw Rhode Island!!!!

Who needs Rhode Island??? My new love is craps. I was feeling like complete poo tonight and was in the bathtub when I got a call from my coworkers on the other wing of the hotel. They needed me to bring a DVD down. DOH! I was about to pass out at 930pm in the bathtub and couldn't believe I had to go back out into the real world....it was bedtime. I do love the casino...I wish I didn't but I do. So as I was leaving their room I told Lisa I was stopping by the blackjack table to play for 30 minutes to an hour depending on my luck. She wanted to join. As we were walking into the casino she mentioned her love for Craps. I informed her of my fear of craps. (its very similar to my fear of crabs.) Anyway, I applaud her for grabbing me by the hand and forcing me to the table. I was shaking the first few minutes. I wanted to love it (I always have) but had no clue what was going on. Fortunately, my money kept growing. Suddenly, there were five dice in front of me and I was to choose two and throw them. The fate of everyone's fortune was in MY hands. I didn't like this part.

OH MY GOD DID I LOVE THAT PART!!!!!! I seriously had control of the dice for what felt like an hour. Yes, I exaggerate. And I am. But I'm not kidding you I drank an entire beer while rolling. And you don't drink quickly when you're busy trying to focus. People were cheering, the money was growing, and it was all because of what I was throwing. What a rush!

I played smart. There were many times I wanted to throw massive amounts of money down but knew to keep playing conservatively. This is only fun....raiight?