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So leave it to my good friend Ian to provide me with a crazy random Wednesday night last week. He called me last Wednesday afternoon while I was still at work and asked me if he could come over and shoot a scene for a 10 minute movie he was working on. I am a camera whore, and Ian knows this...we were standing in my kitchen shooting before I knew it. GOOD TIMES!!!

Click on the image above to see "Arena".


Opening Day at Wrigley

Wow! It's hard to believe that baseball season is already here. The cubs just had their opening day at Wrigley yesterday as they stomped on the Cards beating them 5-1. Today they came back at the end to beat them 3-2. My oh my how my neighborhood changes with the start of baseball season. I LOVE IT!!!! However, I do not love the parking situation.

I slept a record 16.5 hours last night as I was exhuasted from a week of too much work and too much partying. Last night I took a nap from 7-9pm woke up for a short while to bail out of a pre-bar party and then went back to bed and slept until 11:30am. Unfortunately, in this deep slumber, I forgot that i lose my parking spot during Cubs game. My roomate Tommy and I were in the kitchen sipping on some coffee this morning when we heard a loud knock at the back door. WTF??? Both of us were like...who the f*ck would be knocking on our door at this hour? It was one of the men in charge of parking cars behind our house. He said...welcome back to baseball season! To which i replied....i'm so sorry..i'll be right down to move my car.

It was just after 12 and the game started at 120pm. I was screwed. i somehow managed to find a parking spot one street over on Wilton (Thank God I own a jeep....i can fit into ANY spot) and was back home within 15 minutes. For those of you who know my neighborhood during baseball season...parking can be an hour long job. I thank you Gladys for taking good care of me. (For those of you who don't know...Gladys is the parking God...if you are good to her...she'll be good to you. Kinda like Momma in the musical Chicago.)

And with that...i must get ready for my cocktail shift at X/O. Stop in and see me!