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Cubs Win Central Division!!!

So it's been a crazy week for me, which might have actually been a good thing as I was too busy to know what was going on with the Chicago Cubs. I know, I know. How can you be too busy to keep an eye on the Cubs score? I’ll explain as it was actually kind of cool how everything turned out. I just accepted a new job and flew to L.A. for less than 24 hours. When I arrived at LAX I had about 40 minutes of downtime while I waiting for Rich's flight to arrive. I knew the Cubbies were playing so I went to a bar to try and find the game. They were not playing the game and when I asked them to turn the game on (all TV's were on Entertainment Tonight) they told me they didn't have time to look for the game. I was annoyed but found a small TV in a hallway that was playing the game. The cubs were losing. I kept track in the progress of the game on my phone and they lost...again. It was probably for the best that I wasn't able to watch the last few games, as they cubs were NOT showing me that they were going to secure their playoff spot. I am not sure I could have handled watching the games. THANK GOD Milwaukee was sucking just as badly.

When I arrived back in Chicago I had little time to prepare for my Basil Hayden event before heading out. The Cubs game started just as I started my event. On my drive home I could tell that the cubs had won but I had no idea they secured their spot in the playoffs until I reached Addison and Clark. I looked up at the marquee and to my surprise it read "Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs, 2007 Central Division Champions." It made sense why the streets were so alive and why there were so many cops in the neighborhood. I was so happy. As I sat there dreaming of what is to come in the weeks ahead US Country 99.5 was playing on my radio. I was sitting at the corner of Addison and Clark with my doors out of my jeep, the top down, when the song "Go Cubs Go" came on the radio. Apparently my radio was up really loud as everyone on the streets around me started singing to my radio. It was so awesome. I kept my cool as I drove away and that's why the tears began to fall.

These tears were much different than the tears that fell in October of 2003. These were tears of joy and excitement. Tears of hope that the Cubs will actually win the World Series this year. I say it every year..."I believe". This year I did not. I tried so hard not to believe. Not to get caught up in another roller coaster ride only to be let down. It's impossible. I'm a die-hard cub fan and can't help but love them!!! I made it through June "not believing". And these past 3 months have been SO STRESSFUL. C'mon cubbies!!! Please let me see a world series win! I believe. And I want it so bad! We all do and we'll be routing you on game after game!!!


From 30,000 Feet.

Hello from united flight 945. I am about two hours into my trip from chicago to lax and I am bored. Typically being stuck in one spot for four hours and having my laptop with no internet means I can get a lot of things done and really organized. But thus far, I am not really feeling it. I felt people magazine, I felt the coco-cola classic I just downed, and I feel the jackass behind me who keeps digging his knees into the back of my chair.

I just don't feel like busting out the ibook. So before I begin to read the book I brought along with me I thought I'd write a quick blog.

I am curious as to everyones thoughts on "the escalator". I was walking through o'hare this morning and my blood pressure rose nearly everytime I approached an escalator. Perhaps its just me and if this is the case please tell me I am wrong but isn't the point of an escalator to help escalate you up the stairs? I wish I could look the word up right now to get the actual definition but to me escalate means to move more quickly. Often times I choose the staircase next to the escalator when I travel as it seems to be the easiest and quickest means of getting from one floor to the next. I get so annoyed by people who walk to the escalator, stand side by side, and prevent those behind them from getting by. Seriously!!! The escalator's at o'hare move so slowly....how do people not go crazy just standing there? People are so lazy, and I am fine with that, but have the courtesy to allow others to walk past you. Typically I'd be rude and plow past these people but I'm learning that its a waste of energy and I now take the more difficult physical route but the easier route ultimatley...the stairs.

The one "ride" I do not avoid confrontation on is the speedway. (Or is it a moving walkway?). Thank god someone was smart enough to label the lanes and post signage above that states that the left lane is for moving people and u lazy fucks who feel you need to stand and lounge on the moving WALKway...please stay to the right.

I feel better now. But seriously...if you are an escalator stander please let me know. If u think blocking off the people behind you who actually want to move up or down faster than the escalator moves is not a big deal let me know. It is rare....but sometimes I am in the wrong. ;)


Waking Up is So Hard To Do.

I've always been told that waking up get's easier and easier to do the more you age. Well I feel fifty, and waking up sucks every day. I can sleep 12 hours and still have the hardest time waking up. Is there a magic number when mornings start to get easier? Sleep is definitely NOT as easy for me as it used to be. It has now become a full time job to slow my mind down in order to fall asleep. And without a doubt, every morning, I could sleep forever.

I have been awake for just over an hour, drank half a pot of coffee, and i'm still mad at the world for making me wake up. I'm not sure why I chose tho share this with you but I would love comments if you have any feedback.


A quick post re: Big Brother 8

Summer after Summer I look forward to Big Brother. It's almost sick as I'm more excited to play/watch the show than I am about my real life. Yes, there have been several years where the only people I can't stand in the house keep moving forward while eliminating everyone I like. And usually i'm stuck picking between 2 people I can't stand because my favorite player took 3rd place.

Big Brother 8 was a huge dissapointment. The cast from the get go was "eh" at best. And the "twists" with the few "frenamies" was so lame. I hated the fags from chicago....maybe out of jealousy...but i hated them none-the-less. (I'm so thankful they didn't win....one good thing came out of the show). And the only guys in the house I actually liked were kicked out within the first few weeks. What am I left with?

Oh yeah....america's player. I'm still indifferent on the concept of the america's players. I want to like the idea as america can be involved in the game but it sorta CHANGES "the game". (Side Note: I think Eric "america's player" is a doosh bag and I hated watching him all season")

You know it's a bad season when you don't watch the 2 part season finale or care who wins. I actually pulled up the website to find out who won....Minerva Dick. My least favorite person in the entire house. 2nd place went to his nasty whiney daughter. I will say that the final finale I watched...and I actually enjoyed it. They brought everyone back together....casted the votes....asked the questions and revealed the final twist....america's player. it was cute how they did it but still....BLAHHHHH BLLLAHHHH BLLLLAHHHHH BIG BROTHER 8!

Oh yeah....a shout out to jameka girl!!! I loved you from day one and wanted you to win it all!!! you guys were so close!!!!

Backstreet Boys

So I have a severe problem. Ok, I have many severe problems. But my severe problem of the moment is that I love boybands. I really do. BasicallyI love anything your little sister loves. But I love most all genres of music. I just happen to REALLY REALLY LOVE horrible bubble gum and country music the most. So I was at work tonight when a Justin Timberlake discussion broke out after one of his too many video's came on the video jukebox. I made a comment how I wouldn't go to his concert but I'd go to an NSYNC concert anyday. That's when the gentleman on the other side of the bar mentioned that that will never happen but I can probably go see a backstreet boys concert as they are releasing a new album. WHAT??????? How exciting! I'll admit, I was one of the first in line for the "Never Gone" album and it's true...I LOVED IT!

I downloaded their new song tonight and it's "eh". Don't get me wrong....I love it and will sing it everyday for the next 6 weeks. But it's not exactly what I was hoping to hear as the first release. Let's hope it's not an idication of what we're going to get.

it's called -- a new beginning. hmmmm....and only 4 backstreet boys? not so sure i'm "down" with that. you can't just lose a backstreet boy. i guess it's really not up to me...i have no choice but to accept the 4 they are giving me.

So i went to their website to see when I can buy the album.

40 days 21 hours 25 minutes 20 seconds. Minerva that long.


The Basil Bubbly

So I stumbled accross a website called www.cocktailnerd.com this morning and saw that they were having a contest for best "fizz" drink in celebration of the final days of summer. With fall just around the corner I thought I'd post a drink that was pefect for summer, fall and even winter. And yes Gabriel....it's "fizzy". Y'all give it a try!

The Basil Bubbly
1.25oz Basil Hayden Bourbon
A Splash of OJ
Fill the remainder of flute with your favorite champagne.
Garnish with a twist or Orange.

It's stylish, classy and DA-LISH!!!


Cubs Win!

I have to admit and say it's been really hard for me to believe in the cubs this year. 2003 sorta tainted me. They had a rough start this season but since the All-Star break they have really turned it on. For awhile they were the best team in MLB. But kind of like when they get the lead in a game they've loosened up and only have a 1 game lead on the Brewers. 0 if they lose.

My allergies and a cold combination have me feeling really sick so I gave my ticket to tonights game up. While i'm still glad I stayed in and rested....WOW WHAT A GAME!!! The cubs jumped to a quick lead but lost it just as quickly. Everytime they started to get momentum or they were about to score....something would happen to prevent them from scoring. i curled up under the covers and kept praying they would win. During the cubs game the Brewers win 5-0 to put pressure on the cubbies to get the W so they can keep soul possesion of 1st place in the central division. With only two weeks left in the season I am starting to get ridiculously excited about the post season. I haven't let myself completely believe since i was heart broken in the never to be forgotten 2003 season. Could this really be the year? I'm actually going to say it....I believe.


Last minute decisions...

I'm still in awe as I made a spur of the moment decision last night at nearly 2am to fly to Southern California this morning to visit Jordan and attend some parties with him. A flight accross the country 9 hours in advance just for "funsies". WHO DOES THAT? So here I am....about to hop in his Lincoln Park Trixie mobile to head to L.A. to meet Bradly (our friend from Nashvegas) and his parents at a house party. We are spending the night in L.A. tonight and then headed to San Diego tomorrow to surprise Kim at her house party. YEAH!!!!!

So that's it. Just wanted to drop a quick post to let those who wondered where i dissappeared to know where I am.

Sunny Southern California.



I can't believe we did it again! This is the third year in a row we have attended the Milwaukee Dairyland Classic and it's the third year in a row we have walked away champions. The tournament has grown each year and this year we were put in a bracket with 17 teams. Our team, the Basil Hayden Buzz, received the #1 seed after pool play as we had a 2-0 record and were tied with another undefeated Milwaukee team for run differential. We flipped a coin and that's where my coin toss luck began. I called tails, got the call and we were given the number 1 seed. From then on I called every coin toss correctly so we played as the home team most every game. Overall we went 8-1. We lost to the Milwaukee Kruzers Sunday afternoon and had to beat them twice in the championship game to take the title. We made a few changes before the game and really concentrated on the mechanics of softball. We won the first championship game 10-5 and the final game 8-7. It was an intense game but we kept our cool and walked away winners.

I'm sad as we learned at the awards banquet that there will not be a Dairyland Classic next year due to some bike race the city is hosting. :( I guess there won't be a four-peat for a couple of years....Milwaukee has treated us well and we plan on returning when the tournament comes back to life.

I had an amazing weekend! It's really crazy how fun softball tournaments are. I'm so fortunate to have such an amazing group of guys to play ball with. I am so lucky!

Oh, and congratulations to Alan Ireland for winning Big Brother Milwaukee 2. (i knew not to take that bitch to the final three)