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The Time of my Life

Just a quick post to let you know we're having the time of our lives! We have seen so many things and still have a lot to see. We opted to take naps this afternoon instead of making a trip to Old San Juan. We'll hit that part of the city tomorrow. Tonight? I think we're going to grab a nice dinner and then maybe the casino? Only time will tell. I AM MOVING HERE!!!!


Serena Quicksell

"Oh Please, I can beat her with my left hand", taunted Ms. Quicksell in reference to the prettiest girl on the WTA tour, Stephanie Cole. That was all it took. 20 minutes later, two hours of court time had been reserved and the trash talk began. One of these girls was in for quite a disappointment.

"Ms. Quicksell talked the talk which only provoked me to dish it back, it's not in my nature," stated Ms. Cole when asked about Ms. Quicksell's comments. "I try not to let other girls on the tour get in my head but this time i was not successful. I knew I had what it took to beat her but suddenly I felt extra pressure, like we were playing in a grandslam."

Cole took the first set 6-3 and was off to a dominating start when the momentum took a huge shift into Quicksell's direction. It was obvious that Quicksell was not giving up without a fight. She came back to win the 2nd set 7-5. With time running out and the girls tied at 2-2 in the third set, the court officials opted to move into a tie-breaker which the girls mutually agreed upon. The momentum shifted entirely into Cole's favor as she pummeled the Quicksell sister 7-0 in the tie breaker.

A definite nail-biter for those who tuned in. We'll be looking forward to the next time these two meet which looks to be in mid to late January for the Australian Open.


Typical Situation

I only expect one person to watch this all the way through. It was something I've had on tape since this summer and it was time I shared it. I miss you Dave!


Awesome Tennis Point

Not feeling so hot today. I was just browsing youtube and this clip made me incredibly happy. So I thought I would share it will anyone willing to watch it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Mean kitty has a name

So it's official. Mean kitty or "kitty" as most of you have known him is now Winston. I am posting a video below to show you a little of his personality. No, I did not set him up on my shoulder. It's his favorite spot. He typically jumps up there unexpectedly and yes, it hurts. But if you put him back on the ground he'll jump back up so i'm learning to just let him sit there while I work or do things around the house. He even stays up there while I'm walking around the house. It's cute...but can't last for long. I'm sure he'll soon be as marge as Riley.


Feliz Navidad