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Just 2 more days!!!!

I feel I often over use the term "bestfriend". I have 4 people in my life that I use these words with regularly. There have a been a few times when I've been called out for having too many best friends. Doesn't "best" mean one? Ok by definition I'm not using the word correctly but these 4 people will always hold a special place in my life and I feel are worthy of being called "bests". If they have a problem sharing the title they can take it up amongst each other. It'd be an interesting battle. So while I have four bests i only have one Grace in my life. I think every gay man has that one woman in his life that he puts up on a pedestal above all other women in the world. The girl who understands him and who he can share his darkest secrets with. This woman to me is Jennifer Ivey. Yes she is the girl pictured above and yes she will kill me when she's see's the picture I have chosen to post. This picture was taken on February 4, 1999 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I will give photo credit to Ms. Shirley Ivey. I have no clue what we are drinking but I can assure you that we are WASTED. Moments later I think i was holding Ivey's hair back while she was throwing up in the bathroom.

So kill me Ivey Jo. But you gave me attitude that there was no mention of your arrival. Now there is mention....a picture....and here goes the announcement......WE WILL BE DOING A DAILY VIDEO BLOG WHILE SHE IS HERE so stay tuned!!!!

And let's go back to the picture above. Does it look like she's wearing a strippers coat? What's up with that?

Love you girl! See you in two days!

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