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Dark Hair

For those of you who have only known me for the Chicago years....it may be a shocker for you to see me with dark hair. There is a little gray (grey if you're reading this from the U.K.) but nothing like I have now. Kinda weird to see eh? And it's good to see that I was just as crazy 7 years ago as I am now....actually I may have been a bit worse back then. Hope you enjoy.


Momma said...

OMG...I am peeing my pants laughing.

You look like Franki Munoz from Malcome in the Middle.

Do you have one of you as a blonde, that would fit the personality much better...LOL

Jordan said...

I think *WE* were a bit worse back then. For some odd reason, maturity and responsibility tend to push crazy out of our lives. However, I don't doubt there will be many more crazy experiences to come in the future.....

P.S. Never forget the rice'out'of'the'nose experience.....CRAZY.

Megan said...

I think there is one as a blonde... actually probably the first time you sported a wig and went in drag - back in 7th grade... I'll just have to find that picture. :)