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Mean kitty has a name

So it's official. Mean kitty or "kitty" as most of you have known him is now Winston. I am posting a video below to show you a little of his personality. No, I did not set him up on my shoulder. It's his favorite spot. He typically jumps up there unexpectedly and yes, it hurts. But if you put him back on the ground he'll jump back up so i'm learning to just let him sit there while I work or do things around the house. He even stays up there while I'm walking around the house. It's cute...but can't last for long. I'm sure he'll soon be as marge as Riley.



Tom said...

OMG...Thank you I needed that laugh. He is a devil child

Steve said...

Requests are greatly appreciated. Thanks for the idea!

froggymork said...

Wintson. very cute.