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CMSA Awards Party

So even on my day off I got roped into being at X/O. Today was the 2005 CMSA Softball Awards Party...held at none-other than....X/O Chicago. I was disappointed my team didn't show up to celebrate our 3rd place victory but I had a good time none-the-less. Livio joined me for the festivities and I got to see some faces I haven't seen in quite awhile. I probably won't be posting much over the next week as I have to work a lot at X/O in addition to the day job. I'm not complaining as I could use the extra cash for my trip to Milwaukee this weekend. MPG and some boys from the Philly Woody's team are meeting in Milwaukee to play in a NAGAAA tournament. Should be fun!!!!! Woohoo!!!! Expect some pictures!

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Jordan said...

NAGAAA? That sounds like someone attempting to be racist while holding their tounge... Just my $0.02....