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Ivey's Visit to Chicago

So the vacation is coming to an end but I must say...it ended with a bang. It had been two years since I last saw Ivey (my "Grace" if you will). I finally talked her into flying up here to visit me for my birthday. She flew in on Friday night at 9pm and flew out this morning at 725am. A quick trip but we made each and every minute last. It was the best present she could have gotten me. After two years it was like we didn't skip a page....I look forward to seeing her again! OH YEAH!!! She brought her new boyfriend of two months with her....his name is Travis....I APPROVE!!


Jordan said...

Its been probably two years since I've seen Miss Ivey and it looks she hasn't change a bit... Beautiful as ever! Last I heard from her she was keeping Duracell in business and now it looks like Duracell has got some hefty competition, and let me tell you.... ummm hummm looks like he packs a 9 VOLT...

And a side note, if Ivey is grace... does that mean I'm... [ahem]... JUST JORDAN!

Ivey said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! We had so much fun seeing you last weekend. Thank you for playing tour guide. (The sausages were awesome).


Ivey and 9 VOLT