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What the HELL is a Hoosier?

So I was chatting with a friend online today, whom we will from now on Call HoosierManKnx, and we got on the topic of sports. While we agreed on one team, the Volunteers, we didn’t really have much else to go with as far as supporting each other’s teams. All was good until HoosierManKnx dissed the Cubs.

This led me to the question in which I’ve asked many many IU fans over the years. While I was on edge a bit with HoosierManKnx’s blow to the cubs…I will be forever greatful for his response to my question.

HoosierManKnx first responded with….”Are you sure you want me to tell you the two stories?” I begged him….i have long been awaiting this answer…I had learned what a Sooner was….and FINALLY…after years of mystery…I have learned what Hoosier is…and it COULD NOT BE BETTER!!!! Now I know why Hoosier fans always “claim they don’t know”

Story #1
< HoosierManKnx > the original settlers of indiana came up through kentucky, settled southern indiana, and of course had a hillbilly drawl
< HoosierManKnx> and they all used to live in log cabins, like miles away from their neighbors
< HoosierManKnx so, when someone knocked at the cabin door, they kentuckians used to say "who's there"...which in their accent sounded like "who's ere"
< HoosierManKnx which became Hoosier

Story #2
back in the pioneer days, people used to be a little rough, you know
< HoosierManKnx and they'd get into fights and whatnot
< HoosierManKnx > well, legend has it that someone pulled out a knife in the heat of the moment, cut off someone's ear...but in the melee, nobody knew who's ear it was
< HoosierManKnx > so, again, in southern indiana speak, it became "who's ear"
< HoosierManKnx> Hoosier

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