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RAGE Takes 1st Place Again!!!

Wow...what a weekend. Our softball team returned to Milwaukee this weekend to defend our title at the Dairlyland Classic Softball Tournament. This year, however, we played under a different name. Roscoe's RAGE. Thank you Roscoe's for the sponsorship!

We started the tournament very poorly. We actually didn't play so badly, but our record indicated differently. We lost all three of our pool play games, got a poopy seed in the bracket and then to top it all off....lost our first game in the double elimination tournament. For those of you whom have played in a double elimination tournament. Being the first team in the loser's bracket is SO NOT where you want to be. So with Saturday coming to an end....we were 0-4. Can someone give me the Debbie Downer noise please? WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!! Not only that, we had to be back at the fields at 8:15am as our first game was at 9am. WE WERE DETERMINED to win this game. Losing meant being completely eliminated from the tournament by 10am. It'd be similar to Ms. Brost being the first one eliminated from Elimidate. Huge expectations and a huge disappointment.

Fortunately, we turned it on and played our asses off from 9am until just after 5pm. Games are 50 minutes long and each new game was scheduled to start on the hour. So this meant we had just 10 minutes between each game to do the line up, rest and get our heads back into the fight fight fight mentality.

I honestly thought we wouldn't place after the day we had on Saturday. And as the day moved on Sunday and we got closer and closer to bringing home hardware....i slowly began thinking it was really possible for us to win it all. We made it to the championship game along side New York City. However, being in the losers bracket still....we had to beat them not just once...but twice to win it all. Otherwise we were going home with a 2nd place trophy. We dominated the first game winning by quite a margin. The second game was much closer. Fortunately, we had a good inning and were able to maintain the lead to go home with the championship trophy. I must say....EACH AND EVERY PLAYER on our roster had a huge part at making this happen.

Oh yeah...thank you Ed for pitching!!!! GOD I MISS PLAYING SHORT!

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