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So Operation Transformation is in full effect. I met Ms. Brost at the Multiplex last week and to my surprise...a lot has changed. I noticed it the moment I walked in. The first thing I had noticed was that smoothie/snack bar in the lobby was different. It looks as though it is in the process of its transformation so I felt comfortable as I made my way up the stairs to the locker room.

As I first walked in I wasn't sure what was different but it had a totally different feel. I felt as though they had ripped up all the carpeting and it was now just bare tile but i'm still not certain. If I were to put money on it, that would be my final answer. I efficently found a locker and got dressed for my work out. On my way out of the locker room I decided to step on the scale that was so conveniently located. It was not good. Following my workout I made my way back to the locker room, stripped to a towel and could not resist stepping back on the scale for a final look on my way to the shower. I had lost 11 pounds since I quit working out. ELEVEN POUNDS!!!! This was when Operation Transformation began. I was down to 154lbs. Today I rang in at 153.5. I'm not cool with that.

Fall seems to be the time of the year when I go through the most change. While the change is always a bit hard for me to cope with....it always seems to work out for the best. I ended up in Nashville, I ended up in Chicago, I'm on my 2nd awesome roomate in Chicago....and I am about to have a 3rd on Monday.

Anyway...the reason for this post is to announce that Operation Transformation is in full effect. I'm taking the next few months to focus on myself. This summer was A TON of fun...but it's time to get serious. I feel i've got a lot of good things a head of me....and i'm going to use this fall to make sure i'm ready.

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