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Storms Hit Chicagoland

Ok...so most of you know I have an infatuation with thunderstorms. So it should be no surprise to you that last night was AWESOME. The storm came right as I started dinner so the back window and door were immediately opened so I could keep a close eye on the storm moving in. Fortunately the most exciting part of the storm came in time for me to shut off the kitchen lights and enjoy my dinner in the doorway with the bright sky above me.

While a beautiful picture of lightening in the sky is probably most appropriate for what I just wrote.....that is not what you get. Below is a pic and caption posted on NBC5.com. Forwarded to me by a good friend Doug. We both think it's HYSTERICAL. Hopefully you'll see the humor in it too. Enjoy!

"I got my keys, I'm ready to get into my car, and I'm like, 'Daamn! There's a whole tree on it. I can't move a whole tree,'" he said.

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