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Operation Transformation 2.0

Ok. I have gotten so LAZY this winter that it is now beyond ridiculous. It should be so easy for me to go to the gym before I go to work as the earliest i have to be in is at 4pm. Unfortunately, I've gotten really good at staying up WAY TO LATE (I can't ever fall asleep) and then sleeping in way to late. Three days ago I promised myself that Operation Transformation 2.0 was going to start on March 1st. Well it was thunderstorming on day one so I decided to skip the gym...day two...it was snowing hard so I decided to skip the gym.

Today is day three and I have a headache. It is 2.5 hours before work. I'm unfortunately creating excuses not to go BUT today is not the day. I hearby pledge to do my best at making Operation Transformation 2.0 a success!

Please...feel free to ask me how it's going? I'd love to be tested.


Anonymous said...

So a few thoughts here...

1) Lazy = .... well we all know why.

2) Staying up late = well once again, we all know why.

3) Sleeping in too late = see item 2 above.

4) Transformation 2.0? When was 1.0?

5) Repeat after me... "There is no gain without pain, I push myself to these limits for I don't want to be a twink."

Matt Rockwood said...

Sadly, all us XO'ers will be faced with operation transformation soon. I have yet to be motivated to look for a job. Don't really care about the place, just the great people that I work with. Can't imagine life without a steady dose of Steve!

Anonymous said...

Is your last name REALLY Rockwood? That sounds so much like a porn name..... Ummmmhummm.