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You Call All Breath Cleaner Air!!!

It's official. As of yesterday, you can all bring cleaner air. A few months ago I received a notification in the mail from the State of Illinois saying that I needed to complete an emissions test. It was mid November when i made the journey to the emissions testing center only to find that my 2002 Jeep Wrangler FAILED. I was giving until March 20th to fix the three things listed on the computer print out they gave me or my drivers license would be suspended.

When I had taken my vehicle in, there was a light lit on my dashboard. It was the Multi-Function Indicator light. After reading the manual it basically said it could be a number of non-severe things acting up with my jeep. I had already been to the dealer with this light issue and it was taken care of..but the light still comes on and off when it feels like it. Unfortunately, it was on when I went to get my emissions test.

To make a long story short...i HAD to have paper work from a certified emissions shop stating that i had the problem fixed and a receipt to prove it. Of course my light was off when I went to the dealer....I had to pay $112 for them to look at my jeep and say that none of those things were really wrong just so I could pass this test and keep my license. MINERVA. And to top it all off...they gave me a list of about $1000 worth of shit that needs to be fixed on my wrangler. WAAAH WAAAH.

Off to work I go.

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