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My Get-A-Way to Denver

Here I sit on one of the bumpiest plane rides I’ve been on in a long while in route from Denver back to Chicago. My former roommate Rich flew me out on miles, so sweet, so that I could come visit him and his boyfriend. I could not have asked for a better trip. It was very low-key and relaxing which is exactly what I needed. I had met his boyfriend, Brian, on several occasions but always briefly so I didn’t really know the guy very well upon arrival. He was gracious enough to change his work schedule so that he could pick me up from the airport and then he and I spent my first few hours in Colorado together as Rich was still at work. I can confidently say after getting to know him better that he is SUCH A SWEET GUY and perfect for Rich. I am so happy they found each other. I also met several of their friends as we had people over for dinner last night…all good people.
I would have to say that the highlight of my trip was Rich and my adventure to the Red Rocks. Our hike was a light one that lasted just a couple of hours as we spent our time hiking in and around the Red Rock’s Amphitheatre. It was AWESOME! It was a sight that I have always wanted to see as so many bands I love talk so highly of the space. Now, I just need to find a way to see someone like Dave Matthews, David Gray or Keane there. It’d be pure bliss. Rich and I got a little camera happy and took about 160 pictures between the two of us. You can click on the album cover at the top right corner of my page to view a portion of them. Enjoy!

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Matt Rockwood said...

So glad you enjoyed the city of my youth. I saw the Go-Go's on two seperate occasions at red rocks (notice I didn't call it "the" red rocks)
I miss you like crazy. Gay Hooters open yet?