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Today I Feel Pretty!

Ok, so maybe I don't look pretty in the picture above and we know Aaron certainly does not, but I felt this picture best fits the mood I am in at the moment. I left work early last night as we were overstaffed and not busy. I know this is a stupid thing to do as I only have 3 shifts left before we close the door for good. But when I made the decision to leave I promised myself that I would do something good for myself after I got home. And that I did...i got all dressed up and ready to go for a jog on the lakefront. As I was walking out the door the boy called so he ended up joining me.

Chicago is AMAZING. It's kinda hard to believe that in a city this size, you can find such an awesome escape. He and I walked to the lake from his house in Uptown and then jogged towards downtown, sat on the waterfront for a short while and then jogged back home. It's really hard to believe, but we did not come in-contact with ANY PEOPLE the entire run down the lakefront. We did however see 4 raccoons', a few duck and several rodents. An incredibly peaceful and romantic jaunt. (I know you're all puking right now..sorry) We woke up this morning, made breakfast and then I took off to get some stuff done for myself. And on top of all of this, it's finally sunny and mild outside which makes me feel pretty. Oh so pretty!

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Tom said...

You make more trips to Rhode Island than southwest, amtrak and greyhound combined.

I was a bit bad on my diet this morning, because this post brought it back up.

You should put a warning up.this post may cause bulemia and purging.