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Minerva Takes Flight

Thanks Aaron for helping me out with this one!!!


bluah! said...

I bet you're listening to "Please don't stop the music" on your iPhone... whore!

Ivey said...

steve, honey, my speakers aren't working on my computer at the moment. That is why I haven't watched or commented on your latest entry. I want the full effect, I'm sure you understand. So, please consider this as my request to be taken OFF your shit list and put back on my pedestal. I would never just forget to watch your blog. Always know I have a good reason if I haven't commented. (you on the other hand...)
PS - no need for anymore harrassing txt msgs. I don't want to have to go all kyla on you and get a fake restraining order.
Love ya! Bye!

Miss Anita Makeover said...

For you next video I would suggest hiring a stylist first. Miss Sue's weave needs a comb run through it.

I might suggest a little make up as well