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Screw Rhode Island!!!!

Who needs Rhode Island??? My new love is craps. I was feeling like complete poo tonight and was in the bathtub when I got a call from my coworkers on the other wing of the hotel. They needed me to bring a DVD down. DOH! I was about to pass out at 930pm in the bathtub and couldn't believe I had to go back out into the real world....it was bedtime. I do love the casino...I wish I didn't but I do. So as I was leaving their room I told Lisa I was stopping by the blackjack table to play for 30 minutes to an hour depending on my luck. She wanted to join. As we were walking into the casino she mentioned her love for Craps. I informed her of my fear of craps. (its very similar to my fear of crabs.) Anyway, I applaud her for grabbing me by the hand and forcing me to the table. I was shaking the first few minutes. I wanted to love it (I always have) but had no clue what was going on. Fortunately, my money kept growing. Suddenly, there were five dice in front of me and I was to choose two and throw them. The fate of everyone's fortune was in MY hands. I didn't like this part.

OH MY GOD DID I LOVE THAT PART!!!!!! I seriously had control of the dice for what felt like an hour. Yes, I exaggerate. And I am. But I'm not kidding you I drank an entire beer while rolling. And you don't drink quickly when you're busy trying to focus. People were cheering, the money was growing, and it was all because of what I was throwing. What a rush!

I played smart. There were many times I wanted to throw massive amounts of money down but knew to keep playing conservatively. This is only fun....raiight?

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