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IMPORTANT: Yet Minerva.

I don't ask for much. But today, I'm asking for your help. I'm not asking for a donation. I'm not asking you to come to my event. And I'm not asking you to VOTE NO on Prop 8. (Although you should)

But what I am asking for is your help in the spread of Minerva. Not actually spreading minerva to people....but spreading the definition of the word.

After over a year of trying to get our definition of the word minerva on urban dictionary.com....we have finally succeeded. Well, technically Jordan succeeded but that is beside the point.

PLEASE HELP ME by clicking this link below and voting THUMBS UP for the definition of "our" Minerva below. And please use the word...you'll thank me later.

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When someone or something gets "on your nerves". Often used to indicate an extreme dislike or distaste for the subject.

May be shortened in slang by saying 'nerva. Same usage applies.
I don't feel like going to class today, school is Minerva.

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