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Along came....

I admit...I give Ms. Quicksell a hard time about her Debbie Downer entries sometimes. And i'm starting to think that the reason I don't write as much as I'd like to is that I don't want to be writing about downer stuff all of the time. It gets hard. I feel comfortable saying that I am pretty lucky in life. I was born into a loving family, I'm healthy and I've got an amazing group of friends. And with all of that...it is still so hard to keep positive spirits all of the time.

I am having an extreamly rough day. I'm sad, I'm lazy, I'm broke and I'm just not happy with a lot of things in life right now. I could go into the deep dark details but instead, I am simply going to let out a big....WAAAAHHHH WAAAAAAAH. Today is my Debbie Downer day and I'm broadcasting it to the world. Ok, to the few people who actually log onto here from time to time.

There is really only one thing I HAVE to do....I have to get off my ass and make good things happen. It is the Summer of Fun Raaaight? I love you Debbie but I don't really have time for you this summer.

I'm off.


Anonymous said...

BINGO... So what IS the next step for you sassy pants??

Momma said...

Misery does love company. We all have good and bad days. Having a blog to vent is what it's here for. Better than keeping it bottled up.

Ivey said...

did you know that obesity causes over 300,000 deaths per year? And the cost of obesity is over $117 billion? Yeah, its according to the FDA.


we love debbie downer!!!

Jordan said...

Feline AIDS is the number one cause of death among domestic cats.... WOW WOWOWOWOWOOWOWOWOWOW.