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From behind the bar...

This is officially my first blog from behind the bar at halsted's. I have been here for 2 hours and have made 2 dollars. Thank god jordan had his phone on him as it allowed the time to pass a little quicker as I had someone to converse with.

So for those of you who know me you know of me love for the reality tv show big brother. Season 8 started up last week and for the second time I was a semi-finalist. Obviously I did not make the show as I am writing this from behind a bar. This cast seems like a week one thus far....their "twist" is putting people in the house with enemies. But they only did the "enemies" with 3 groups of people...unless they introduce some more people to the house its a pretty stupid twist. Of course the two fags who hate each other are from chicago. They are lucky I don't know them or it would require me to be extra hateful.

Fortunately they have two hot guys to look at this year. One is nick, a former pro football player...the other mike....a hot hot dark featured white boy. if I were to pick a winner this far out....I would have to go with jameka. The only reason I am picking her is that it is too early to see everyones strategies and I think she is the bomb. I want mike to win but he is already being dominant and will have a hard time not being targeted early on.

Jen??? I loathe the bitch....she is hoh now and I can't wait for her to go home!!!!

Leave a comment with who YOU think will win. In a few weeks I will do it again!

I am going with jameka for a guess at week one.

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Jordan said...

What else did you do behind the bar? Hopefully not 1/5 of the things I've done from behind THAT bar. Yikes.