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Apartment for Rent

Ugh. Looking for apartments is NOT FUN. Sure, there is an excitement level in finding a cool place you can move into. But with the income I have...a NICE place is hard to come by. I was proud of myself for being flexible with location. While I love living in lakeview/wrigleyville, I knew I had to be open. I did find a couple of places in Central Lakeview (a bit north and west of where I live now) but both of the places I decided on ended up falling through. In my search, I found a LOT of shitholes. I didn't realize how nice the place I live in now really is. I am sad to be giving it up.

Let it be announced that on the 25th day of July, 2007 I have paid my deposit and first months rent on my new living space. For the first time in my life I will be living ALONE! I am surprised that at age 28, I have yet to have my own place. But I've always really enjoyed having a roommate and enjoy even more saving money on rent/utiltites.

Something tells me that most of you will find this funny. I will be living on N. RETA. Yes, RETA. Laugh it up y'all. Laugh it up. Ironic? Yes! But let the countdown begin. I will be getting a key on August 7th. T minus 13 days!!!! WooHoo!!

Signed with Love,
Rita Mae


Shigeo James Iwamiya said...

Yay!! I can't wait to have a house warming party!! :)

Ivey said...

I'm so excited about your new place! Isn't RETA just a few streets down from where you are now? Love it, Reta! TOO FUNNY. What are the odds?