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A Night at Wrigley

So a group of friends asked me to join them last night at Wrigley Field as one of thier other friends backed out. Man am I glad he did. We started the evening by meeting up with each other at City Nate's house. He recently moved into the high rise that now occupies the land in which the former Marigold Bowl occupied. His unit was on the 15th floor and the view was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The picture above is of Wrigley Field from his place...he also had a great view of downtown and a nice view of the lake.

We had nose-bleed seats at Wrigley and they ROCKED! We had WAY to much fun! The group of guys was perfect! And the energy in the stadium was great as the cubs are currently 1 game out of 1st place for the central division and only a half a game out of first for the Wild Card. This has been one hell of a turnaround year for the Cubbies. Never in a million years did I think they'd take off and make a comeback for the playoffs. Could this actually be the year? I'm afraid to let myself believe..but I do. C'MON CUBBIES!!!!


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Yeah go cubbies!

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