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What a great day!!!

It has been one hell of a day! I am in the best mood right now as I just reconnected with someone I haven't talked to in maybe 4 years? But it's not just "someone". It's SOMEONE. The co-founder of MINERVA, my former roommate Ryan...presh if you will. Or as he and I would say it...PREEEEEEESH!!!

I have been trying to re-gain contact with him for years with little success. Today was my lucky day. I stumbled across a bio's page of company website and there was his picture, bio and to my surprise contact information. I was still not sold on a win as I had found his brother's work information which turned into a dead end. So I picked up my phone to call him. He did not answer....so I pretty much assumed this too was a lost cause. I asked the lady on the other end if he worked there and she said yes. When I asked to talk to him she asked...."who's calling"? DA-LISH!!! I replied..."minerva". She told him a guy named Minerva was on the phone and he thought it was some sort of joke, as he and his office all use this word. When i heard his voice i started shaking. "hello this is ryan"....my reply. "MINERVA!!!" We were suddenly two little school girls who just had their first kiss on the playground. We could have talked for hours. And with as much as we said in 20 minutes we might as well have. He's calling me tomorrow at 9:01pm (we plan on talking so long that we need the free nights and weekend minutes). I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

So I called him the co-founder of Minerva. In all honestly, as much as I don't want to give it to him. If we were to own the word....I'd have to give him 51% and me 49% as he was the one that officially changed Oh My God'A I can't Believe'A How much'a he'a is on'a "My Nerves'A" into Minerva.

And the world will never be the same!

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Anonymous said...

MINERVA has essentially gone worldwide thanks to you two. I don't want to imagine a world without minerva. That would just be too...well...minerva.

Say Hi to Ryan for me.