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To All of you Meth Addicts:

To All of you Meth Addicts out there: I realize you get a great high by crushing up a mixture of chemicals along with my Claritin D, which is why we need to talk. Let's just pretend you could buy meth at your local walmart instead of your local drug dealer. You'd grow accustomed to this convenience and you'd expect walmart to have your product in stock and on the shelf. Now imagine one day the government says that walmart can't sell your meth on the shelves anymore because people like me are stealing it so that we can make allergy medicine. So now you have to go to walmart during walmart pharmacy hours to purchase your meth. And EVERYTIME you purchase your meth, you have to give the cashier your state issued I.D. so that they can monitor how much meth you are buying. And if you are traveling or need to stock up on your meth becuase "you know how bad you go through withdrawals when you can't have your meth" you CAN'T. You can't, because you are only allowed a certain amount of meth PER HOUSEHOLD per month and even per purchase. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it?

Yea, I agree. But her i sit, sick as a dog because the Walgreen's pharmacy i just walked to is already closed for the night. Which means no Claritin D for me.


Ivey said...

I'm just going to be honest here, I think some of these people look better after having used meth for a few months. Check out the 3rd guy, I think....he's a total badass now, and according to this picture is all thanks to meth.
Who knew? Maybe its not so great for the complexion, but damn honey, you can drop the pounds and not to mention the street cred.

FreshLivinLovely said...

that is very interesting i found this in search for my health project

Anonymous said...

How did this happen in America? Where law abiding citizens with allergies are treated like incipient criminals, privacy dismissed, where merely making a purchase is surveilled and tracked, while actual addicts and criminals are only inconvenienced? What would be really great is if my government would do its frakking job and protect the frakking citizens FOR A CHANGE. And gee, wouldn't it be refreshing if the frakking citizens would SUPPORT the law enforcement HUMANS instead of filing lawsuits against them for pursuing the bad guys. Is it obvious that I am so sick and tired of this crap? I'm now at the point where I think all addicts should be stripped of their citizenship, driven out to the desert hinterlands of Mexico and left there. WITH their lawyers. Right the frak now.