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Making Light of a Shitty Weekend

I was looking SO FORWARD to playing softball this weekend. All week long the forcast said heavy rain on Sunday. I refused to believe it. Well sure enough it rained. Actually, it poured for hours and hours. Not a chance in hell for softball. So the weekend was a drag. But I did manage to make the most of it. I did something for the first time which is always fun. I rode my bike 25 miles. I took off from my neighborhood and biked down to Hyde Park. I was on a roll and wanted to go further but knew I had to bike the same distance back home. An awesome time. Shortly after coming back home Ms. Henin challenged me to a tennis match. Perhaps a little stupid to go play tennis for 3 hours after a ride of that length but I went. And won 64 46 62. She has dominated me since day one so it feels good to beat her.

And the best part of the entire weekend? I finally booked my trip to Brazil. AND Aaron booked his as well so it's official. We are traveling to Rio De Janeiro from December 23, 2008 until Jan 3, 2009. Which means we'll be spending both Christmas and New Years in Brazil. We are going to have the time of our lives! And I have something to look forward to all year long.

In other news for those of you with whom I haven't talked to in some time. The job is going really well. I'm feeling pretty confident and on my feet and it's keeping me very busy. I have a huge event tomorrow night at Kellogg and am anxious to get it under my belt. Traveling to San Fran next week for an event...and then get a week in Chicago. If I can schedule this surgery for early next week (i'm not talking about it as it's debbie downer) I am going to attempt to get down to Indianapolis for a little work. Stay tuned.

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