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Usher - What's Your Name

I've always been an Usher fan. From day one. I had no idea what to expect from his new cd as I had mixed feelings about the first single and heard nothing about the cd. It was released today and I bought it on itunes. I ran a bath and turned it on. When I got to track 6 I realized I was dancing in the bathtub. I got in the bathtub to try and stretch my legs and relax so I could get to bed early. Back to track 6. What's Your Name feat. Will I Am. I'm not sure if it's the worst song ever written and I should be embarrassed to be admitting this or the BEST SONG EVER!!!! It's so boyband/80's/tecno/r&b/rap/bubblegum/reggae/everything. I am on listen #3 and I'm eating it up!!!!!! Please give it a listen and leave a comment. It's worth 99cents!

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