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My 200th Post

While I don't pride myself on posting regularly, i'm proud to be making my 200th post today. Perhaps I should be making a special post for the milestone but instead you're getting what I give you...some useless knowledge of what's going on in my life. You'll get some special posts in the future. With the title of my blog being a random collection of thoughts it only makes sense to keep things coming at you randomly.

So why is there a picture of me being a fool in San Fran posted above? Because I just had an awesome trip to San Fran. I went for work but have some very close friends there so I stayed an extra night. My work event was awesome. I was there for an event called Bourbon & Bacon. Kinda sounds scary right? Basically it was a 5 course meal served with 5 unique cocktails from our portfolio. It was DA-LISH! I spent my time going from table to table and talking to folks about our brands and about whiskey in general. As the event came to an end I told a co-worker of mine that I would meet him at a speakeasy called Bourbon & Branch. But I was going to make a 30 minute visit to my friend Lonnie's on the way. For those of you who reember Lonnie he was a good friend I met when I first moved to Chicago. He was on my softball team and he and I played tennis together as well. He had a 6am flight so I wasn't able to get him to join us out. I saw his new place...talked for a good 20 minutes and then was off to the speakeasy. My cab driver was really sweet as he expressed concern with me getting out of the cab in the lower tenderloin district. He asked where I was going and didn't know the place and there was no sign on the door as it was a buzzer on a wall and you were required to know the password to get in. The place was awesome...the bartenders were knowledgeable and they had a great drink list with a million whiskeys to choose from. I chose to stick with our brands as I was all dressed up in small batch get-up. A great time.

Later that night I took off to the Castro. I was unimpressed. Gay bars bore me...I want so badly to love them but they are the same in every city. I pretty much sat and drank alone while watching video's at the first bar and then made my way down to a hip hop club where I was able to get my groove on for awhile. I had a good time dancing until it got overcrowded with obnoxiously drink people. It was time for me to go home. As I made my way to find a cab I changed my mind and decided to go find pizza in the castro. I grabbed a slice and went out onto the street to eat it. This is where the night started for me. I'm not sure if it was the gay married thing or just the energy in san francisco but everyone was so cool and friendly and i had a really good time just watching people and hanging out with the folks around me. I stayed in the street until close to 4am just talking. Something I'd probably be arrested for here in Chicago. The police were in the streets but they were not concerned with us "loitering".

The following evening I moved from my hotel to Livo & Tommy's. My old roommate and a guy I used to date. Their place was in twin peaks and overlooked the city and bay. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. The three of us had an amazing time. We were very relaxed and just talked and caught up. We later made our way into Noe Valley (i think that's what it was called) to grab some coffee, a drink, some wine and some groceries so we could cook and play cards.

The next morning i flew home. I have always loved San Fran but for some reason this trip really made me want to live there. I've said it for years....San Fran is one of the few cities I could see myself living in when I'm old. I'm changing that to oldER. Perhaps it'll be sooner than I thought...I've got a few years to figure it out.

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tommy said...

You'll have to come back and do the six month readings!