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OMG!!! MinervaFree day has turned into a wonderful day! Ms. Brost had purchased me an Alanis Morissette ticket for October 2nd but i thought I couldn't go because of a prior work event. As it's the only time I can see her on this year's tour...I called "just to see" THANK GOD I DID! I'm on cloud nine right now. She is a God to me...and I already know that i'm going to be an emotional little girl when she's performing.

Thank you Erika for letting me have the night off...it means the world to me!

And THANK YOU MS. BROST!!! I cannot wait!!!!!!

PS - how beautiful is she???


Jordan said...

So true story... and I think I've said this to you before... I'm just putting it in writing...

When you live with someone, you quickly learn the "do's" and "don'ts". For instance, when Steve and I lived together, he left the door unlocked........ [pause for dramatics] "ooooh no mam' not in my house."

Conversely, I came home from school/work one day and he was BLARING, I mean BLARING some Alanis song throughout the house. I was not having it. I walked in, and with a stressed look in my face, I asked/yelled (over the music) "What the fuck is this shit?" Quickly, I learned I had crossed a boundary of sorts.

Steve's ears turned red, he got a little heated and then he said "THIS, is Alanis Morissette..... I FUCKEN LOVE THIS BITCH.... She's such a cunt, and I LOVE her for it." There I stood, tired, ears ringing, confused and bewildered. It was at this point that just as I have my issues with unlocked doors, Steve also has a severe attraction (some may say love/hate) to Ms. Morissette. Isn't it ironic? Don'cha think?

ivey said...

I too can speak to living with Steve and understanding that he and Alanis are a packaged deal. The day the UNINVITED blasted out of his cd player at volume level: 109 was the day I grew to hate the bitch. Sometimes I wish that jagged little pill had been cyanide. I must have heard that song at least 3 razillion times. Steve couldn't help but to keep the damn song on repeat constantly. The beginning is so melodramatic and heavy that it interupts every conversation and activity. The song is playing in my head right now as I type this. Damn you, alanis and steve...YOU are uninvited!
but I'm glad you get to go, honey... hi aaron!

EAH said...

First and more most, I want to state for the records that your friends have no taste Steve. Yes Ivey I mean you as well.

But I will forgive them for this, because Ivey said something once that can explain their poor taste. She said and I quote " I wasn't cool enough to have heard of them." Now at the time she was talking about 311, however I think she just isn't cool enought for Alanis!

I still get a thrill everytime she comes over the speakers via my Pandora, and I can feel all my anger flowing out of the words that she is beautifully seranading me with.

You 2 haters can just kiss my, Steve, and Alanis' asses!

Steve I am jelous, and I hope you have a great time!!!!!