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The Minerva-lines Series: Part One - Elbow Etiquette

Where do I begin? I'm thinking this may be the start of a series. I have been lacking on blog updates lately and yesterday's flight got me a little riled up. As you probably know, my job has me on a plane a few times a week or more. Most think this is a huge advantage in a job but these folks have obviously never traveled full time for work. It takes A LOT out of you. Sure, getting to see the world is AWESOME. But honestly, I often don't get to see much more than a convention center, bar and hotel in each of the cities I visit. Maybe if I had a few days in each city this would be a different story. But i'm not that lucky. i'm traveling to work...the play is squeezed in when I have the extra hours and energy.

So let's get to the topic at hand. Elbow Etiquette. I'm sitting in first class at the moment so I'm content on the amount of space I have to myself right now. But yesterday was another story. I was on a small plane, in the window seat, next to a man that smelled like a bloody vagina and he felt that MY space was also his. I'm refraining from going more into detail about this particular subject as today is MinervaFree day and my blood pressure just raised dramatically with the intro of this paragraph.

The elbow rest. It's built for one. One person or one couple. NOT two complete strangers. Sure it's possible to share but it's very difficult to do so without touching the stranger next to you. And unless it's a muscular and masculine man, I have no desire to do such an act. So if only one person's arm can comfortably possess the arm rest, how do you determine who get's that so called pleasure? Is it the first person sitting in the row? the first person to occupy the rest? Or is a discussion needed to work out arm rest "shifts"?

I'm not sure about all of you but the idea of talking to my neighbor is already making me minerva and we can't have that on MinervaFree Day. What do I typically do? I typically take the window seat and mind my own space leaving the arm rest up for grabs. If i need the room and it's available i'll go for the arm placement but even-still I'll just throw my elbow in the bottom corner leaving the remainder of the rest open for my anonymous neighbor. This is the courteous way to handle the situation no? Well there are definite characters who think they own this part of the aircraft. You can guarantee a man in a suit is going to over-claim his portion of the rest and I'm here to put an end to this!!! I have sat quiet too long. I plan on reclaiming the arm rest one flight at a time and I need your help. I'm not sure how we're going to accomplish this but it starts with awareness. So please comment and speak up about this topic. Also, if you have other airline or travel annoyances...please leave them in the comment section. I have a few ideas saved up for the minerva-lines series and plan on sharing them in my next few posts.

Perhaps I can even take a hidden video on a future flight???

Stay Tuned.


Jordan said...

So I have a few comments here.... First and foremost, you were successfully able to put " bloody vagina" and "mypsace" in the same sentence. For this, you get applauded. Well done.

Second, you mention a line about "unless it's a muscular and masculine man, I have no desire to do such an act.." How do you know this 400lb gorilla didn't write a blog two weeks ago on the same subject saying "..unless it's a successful, athletic, cute, salt & pepper hair man, I have no desire to do such an act..."??? I'm just saying... Just world if full of many different colors, shapes, sizes and apparently comfort levels... Most just need their own row - thats my $.02.

Lastly, I think you've done a great deal of justice for society by speaking up on this great topic. One day, you may be viewed as the Rosa Parks of the Skies....refusing to give up your arm'rest to a bully. Good for you and thank you for standing up for our arm'rest rights!

Anonymous said...

i couldn't get past bloody vagina.