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A Time of Change...usually

September almost always enters my life at a time of change. Typically unsolicited and on a large scale when compared to the rest of the months of the year. Change is good, I'm certain of this. However, it is not always something I easily welcome.

i was driving on Lake Shore Drive this afternoon and started thinking about where I am in life...both on a grand scale and on a current state. It's been nearly 5 years since I made the move from Nashville to Chicago. It feels like 10. Wow has my life changed. Sure, I'm still the same crazy Steve i have always been...but I'm in a much more stable place. Bills are paid on time, things run on a schedule and my life makes a little more sense. i'll be the first to admit, I'm still lost but I feel good about the path I'm taking. I'm living and I'm learning. i have a little family of my own including both Winston & Riley and well as the friends that are so special in my life., And who would have thought? For the first time ever...I'm living alone. Life is good.

So here I sit on this first day of Fall. There are some big changes going on around me, but I however, am feeling very constant. And I am happy about that.

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Anonymous said...

Change this... Change that... You're starting to sound like Obama.