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Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We got our first big snow of the year on Thursday and I had no clue it was coming. I went to lunch around 1 that day and the sky was clear and sunny. By the time I got back to the office it had started to flurry. Unfortunately, I work down in a dungeon with no windows. Ok, there are a few windows but it's that REALLY thick glass that you can only see shawdows through. Not so helpful on seeing the snow fall. When I got back to my desk I made a quick visit to weather.com to see what the radar looked like. It showed a snow storm headed directly our way. However, it said it was only going to drop 1-3 inches. These were CERTAINLY NOT AOL INCHES!!!! 3 Hours later there appeared to be a good 5 inches on the ground and it was still coming down HEAVY. I went back to my office and continued to work as I knew traffic was going to be a nightmare. I was correct. I left around 6 and got home around 7. THANK GOD I'm not AB...it took her 4 hours to get home....NO WAY!!!! I live two miles from work. I was thankful for having the wrangler but wished everyone else in the city was also equipped with 4WD. Not so much. I think total snow fall at midway was 11-inches and a plane off the runway.....and more like 8 in my hood.

Anyway, the night turned out to be quite fun. Fabiano, Marcio and I went to Roscoe's to have a couple of pitchers and then made a long walk up to IHOP for a little breakfast. GOOD TIMES HAD BY ALL!!! There is something so awesome about the first big snow of the year.

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