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Wicked - Front Row

So my buddy Tom came to visit me this past weekend from Philly. He could not have picked a colder weekend to visit. Can I get a MINERVA? Basically.

With it being so cold outside we were limited in things to do. "Limited?" How ironic now that I think of it. Fortunately, Tom did his research prior to his arrival and learned that a couple of hours before every performance of Wicked they action off 20 seats in the front row for $25 bucks. Tom informed me over dinner on Saturday night that we were going to be taking a trip downtown in the morning to put our name into the Witches hat.

He is one lucky bitch!!! They drew 10 names. Tom was #8 for two tickets. Me? Not so lucky...but I was with the lucky bitch!!! ;) When we going to Vegas Tommy?

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