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A Perfect 10???

Click on the image to find out for yourself!!!

Personally, I think she's Olympic bound....

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Jordan said...

How many times have you driven by a horrible accident, slowed down, and MADE yourself look at the body lying in the road with the white sheet over it? This blog post exhibits the same phenomena…. I keep playing it over and over and over and over and each time I say “ooooooooh….. the tyranny!”

Who is this big’ol’nelly queen attempting to perform some sort of acrobatic maneuver? Does she REALLY think she’s a member of Cirque Del Sole? We all know, the only acrobatics she’s seen in the last year is her famous triple back dismount from her sling which hangs proudly over her canopy bed. In-fact, I think the last time I was in Chicago, she was suffering from an ankle injury as her trick forgot to unbuckle her left leg strap before she made the leap, and got all tangled up. Supposedly the fire department had to come and ‘cut’ her out of her own harness. Thank goodness the trick called 911 before running out the door. A very sad story indeed, as there she was, hanging by one ankle from the ceiling, naked, lube smeared all over her body, red-ball gag in mouth and four fireman, and 2 police officers come barging in the room to rescue her.

Has everyone heard of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?) She now suffers from a similar disorder – PTED – Post Traumatic Ejaculation Disorder - Since this day, she supposedly has a problem that every time she sees a fireman or police man – she looses her load in her lace panties. So sad…. Depends? Depends party of one? I think wearing a diaper will some how attract her to look for a part time job in nursing homes. The obviously problem of course – Paramedics frequent those establishments often.

P.S. The most pathetic part of the entire video clip? At the end, she tries to clap her hands…. she’s so uncoordinated (or perhaps in so much pain from landing on her bad ankle she can’t concentrate) that she misses and tries to play it off……. Awee… someone hug the bitch.