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From Minervianapolis

Whew. I'm exhausted but well. This is just a quick post to update those who may be stopping by. Thanks for the goat votes. That was fun. It has remained and even needed a big trim yesterday. I'll keep it for the next couple of weeks as it's growing on me...literally. The picture above is a shot i took while in NYC of me and Misael. I was up there for a work event and instead of flying back Saturday morning I stayed and enjoyed the day in NYC. This was one of the few pictures I took and think it's pretty cool. Currently I'm in Indianapolis and have a 40 minute break. I now have 9 minutes left before my next training and then off to a bourbon dinner. I've been up since 4am as I had to drive here this morning. Tomorrow i'm off to bloomington, indiana and will be back to chicago on wed.

Please god let me make it!!! i'm so tired y'all!

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Anonymous said...

hello my love.
i like the picture, but it's a shame we can't see his face. he's gorgeous. i think inquiring minds deserve to know just how hot he is.
i'm just sayin'...