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Today is Vain Day

I'm being vain today and asking for opinions of my appearance. Yes...it's true. Today is vain day. So please help me in my decision by leaving comments and tell me....should the goat stay or go?

Ignore the jacked up one eye closed shot and focus on the hair please. BOKAY!

All voting ends at 930pm cst tonight.

I love vain day! Because I love me.


Erik Borg said...

On behalf of Minneapolis softball playing gays, I say, "The goat stays."

Anonymous said...

keep it - at least until you shave it off!!

Rich said...

I say keep it. It will work well in your new side-career as a leather daddy.

Anonymous said...

Most people worry that the grey in their goatee will give away their age, since that is usually where it turns up first.

But since seeing the goatee is actually darker than the hair on your head, it makes you wonder what color the carpeting is.


ivey said...

am i too late? i still want to cast my vote.
keep it.
i like it. i've talked with other ashevilleinians and they agree. my dad would like it to. so that's basically 3 votes. let the goat live.

Jordan said...

I know voting has closed, and I've already voted via email... however I just wanted to further document my vote:


Fuck yeah man... fuck yeah.... [spit 'n spank]

Anonymous said...