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Minerva can't sleep

So i get hit with insomnia all the time. 99.9% of those times...I can't fall asleep or something causes me to wake up spuratically (apparently i don't know how to spell that word) that gets me anxious and I can't fall back asleep. So here I am at 5am Eastern wide awake and have been up doing various things for the past hour. Can we say minerva? the worst part is I have an 8am flight to LGA and then have to drive 2+ hours to the hamptons tonight for a Basil Hayden event. It's going to be a long night. Do y'all care? Mmmmnope. But I can't sleep...so i'm going to make you hear about it.


Rich said...

insomnia bites. and... sporadically. you're welcome. and i correct you with love (as you know).

ivey said...

honey, it's sporadically.

I know Rich has already cleared this up, but its rare I get to correct you as opposed to you correcting me.

feels good.