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Let's talk about Kinko's...

So I made a trip to Kinko's earlier in the week. Not by choice...because I had to get something done for work and I had a short amount of time to drop it off before I made a meeting. As I made this conscious decision to take my job to Kinko's my inside's sank. My memory quickly reminded me of the countless times I promised myself to never put my nerves through the Kinko's experience again. Had this been a personal task I would have opted to take the work late to OfficeMax, the UPS store or hell...find a young Asian boy on the street who would be willing to bind some proposals together.....but this time...late wasn't an option.

Fortunately the one thing consistent about Kinko's is they are ALWAYS oblivious to my presence. I know I can count on that. When I visit Kinko's I feel as though there are 49 too many employee's behind the counter doing everything but helping me. They crack jokes, yawn, watch the clock tick and bitch about the customer who was lucky enough to get serviced before me. SERVICE THIS KINKBLOW'S! I'm through.


Jordan said...

Steve has apparently become very proficient utilizing a Photoshop type program to create/modify graphics files.

I believe it was yesterday I saw a new personal add posting online for a one “WrigleyJock14in” – and the add was complete showing a gentlemen with a 14” cock… oddly enough, his name was Steve…. Coincidence? I think not.

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