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I want it the YAB way....

This just put me in the BEST mood. I wish I could post the video but I can't so you'll have to copy and paste this link.....TRUST ME...it's worth it.


Shout out: "Thank you Ditty!!!"


Jordan said...

The best part of this video is the 3rd person sitting behind the singing duo.

Clearly he must have known what was going on as I doubt this boys completed this in the first ‘take’. Wouldn’t you be a little worried if a BSB song was playing over and over and over behind you and you saw quick jerkly like movements coming from your field of vision!?!?

Oooooh, wait, if we look a LITTLE close, between the swooshes of the boys, we can see the 3rd one’s computer screen… oh wait… is that??!! Yes it is! He’s play a computer game! Oooooh that makes so much more sense now. While the two YAB’s in the front are portraying the #1 stereotype for YAB’s (being a queen), the one is the rear of the video is portraying the 2nd: Lifeless, clueless, zero personality, 100% engrossed in a computer game that if he looses he’ll probably commit suicide!

This video clip should really be re-titled as “Darwin’s Theory of YABS: Survival of the Queens.”

Jordan said...

I almost forgot the disclaimer: There were no YAB’s injured the posting of this blog.